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Do you live abroad or have plans to emigrate? Are you looking for an expat insurance solution that’s right for you? Do you want international health insurance that covers all your health costs from the first time you spend your first time? Mondassur advises you on the expatriate insurance that best suits your needs, your budget and your destination.

Expat insurance covers your health care costs abroad from the moment you live in a country different from your home country. The vast majority of international health insurance covers medical expenses without the intervention of another insurance or a first basic plan. For the French, there are insurances in addition to the CFE. We are talking about 1st euro insurance for international health insurance that does not act in addition to another CFE-type insurance.

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How do expat insurance work?

An expatriate or international health insurance called “first euro” is an insurance that pays all your health costs. Refunds are made without deductible,from the 1st euro paid. This type of health insurance is therefore different from a complementary health insurance that reimburses in addition to another insurance: public or private. They are called expat insurance because they are for anyone living outside their country of origin. Whether you work abroad on a local contract, whether you are retired, globetrotting or sent as an “expatriate” by your company, expat insurance is health coverage for abroad. These insurances offer:

  • A single intermediary for your claims: simplicity and speed of your process
  • a quick and simple subscription
  • a formula that is perfectly suited for countries where the public health system is very expensive or underperforming

Namely: the rate of expat insurance depends on the profile of the insured: his age, his medical history, the country of residence etc.

How do you choose your expat insurance?

Here are the main criteria for choosing your expat insurance.

  1. Choose expat insurance without a deductible. You will be reimbursed as soon as you 1st spend even if you only need a few routine visits to the doctor who does not charge a lot of expenses.
  2. Pay attention to any waiting times that may apply (often for optical dental care or maternity)
  3. Check ceilings, and interdependencies (some contracts link dental/optical motherhood, for example).
  4. Beware of possible exclusions from the contract
  5. The reimbursement service for your care must be efficient so simple and fast
  6. The advice you can take in choosing your contract but also throughout the life of your contract

What expat insurance with Mondassur?

Mondassur compares different expat insurance. We advise you to find the most suitable expat insurance for you. These expatriate insurance companies cover your medical expenses worldwide from the 1st euro. Gold International’s range of international health insurance offers a variety of options from the most economical to the most comprehensive. Mondassur, has been offering its expat insurance services for more than 20 years. We have developed many contracts with our insurance partners. This allows you to take into account the different situations of expatriates around the world. We now offer high-performance, fully digitalized management tools. Mondassur responds to your requests for 24-hour care and reimburses you for your health care within a few days. Here is a presentation of the different expat insurance formulas:

  • GoldExpat Access economic expat insurance: surely the most economical expat insurance given the number of guarantees included and the ceilings set. In particular: hospitalization costs covered at 100, medical consultations, tests, X-rays reimbursed at 80 of the actual costs.
  • GoldExpat Premium Full Expat Insurance: This is the maximum coverage in the GoldExpat range, it provides you with health coverage worldwide and especially in countries where medical costs are very high (USA, Canada, Japan etc.).
  • Goldstart Long Stay Insurance: If you leave a few months or even a few years to relocate abroad looking for health coverage abroad to cover you primarily against illnesses and accidents on a limited budget, the GoldStart range is interesting. You will be covered all over the world with a flexible operation suitable for people who go abroad without knowing when they return…
  • Goldvisa Visa Insurance: Goldvisa insurance meets the criteria of many countries requiring health insurance to obtain its visa, such as Thailand with the O-A visa. People can join this international health insurance valid worldwide for up to 70 years.

Mondassur advises you to find the best international health insurance

We invite you to contact us or ask for a free quote for international health insurance to be advised to the best of our international insurance experts. Depending on your situation, your country of residence and your needs, we will offer you the health coverage abroad that is best suited for you.

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