The golden visa in Europe

For most people, the visa administrative process is long and complicated. If you can afford it, the steps can be much simpler…

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Since the economic crisis in Europe, the “golden visa” for Europe has been for sale to wealthy foreign nationals, especially Chinese.
This residence permit allows them to go and go in Europe as they wish.

The first country to sell these residence permits was Latvia in 2010. Since then, the country has become one of the gateways to the European zone, especially for the Russians and the Chinese. A condition put in place to obtain a residence permit is an investment in the country either by owning a property or investing in a national company or investing 300,000 euros in a Latvian bank. Once this requirement is met, a five-year residence permit will be issued, which can then become permanent.

Each country has its own price and demands, without any solidarity. The amount invested can range from 72,000 euros in Latvia to the huge sum of 10 million euros in France!

If you are going to emigrate, think about all the conditions of your life as an expatriate and your international insurance!

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