Essential checklist for expatriation

The great adventure begins, your expatriation project becomes a reality! Deciding to move abroad is a choice that leads to a multitude of changes in the life of an individual and his loved ones. A poorly prepared expatriation can prove to be a failure that leads to a hasty return to one’s country of origin. We have therefore concocted a checklist and advice to expatriate serenely.


Why move abroad?

An expatriation project does not happen on a whim. It must be carefully considered. Several reasons or motivations lead many people to want to expatriate such as:
– Change of environment
– Develop your career
– Discover other cultures or other ways of life
– Learn a language
– Develop your adventurous side by discovering the world
– Make your childhood dreams come true
– Leave to find a better job

Expatriation is a rewarding and life-changing experience. If you don’t know exactly why you’re leaving, it doesn’t make sense to leave. Evaluate the pros and cons according to your personal and professional life.

Anticipate departure to the country of expatriation

• I find out about the country of expatriation to obtain information on life there
• I am learning the language of the country of expatriation (by following courses, language methods, etc.)
• I reserve the plane ticket in advance
• I inform my pension fund of my expatriation.
• I ask the prefecture to obtain an international driving license.
• I organize my move with a certified international moving company and I find out about customs formalities (pets, vehicle import, etc.).

Administrative procedures in expatriation

• I check that I have a valid travel document (passport or identity card depending on my country of destination). Note: some countries require a passport validity period of more than 6 months.
• I have obtained a visa, if necessary, from the embassy or consulate of the country I am visiting. I have the documents that will allow me to obtain a residence or work permit there.
• For both departure and return, report your change of address to the local postal services and organize the follow-up of my mail
• I take the necessary steps with the local authorities (residence permit, tax administration, social security affiliation).
• I register at the same time on the consular electoral list if I want to participate in the elections of my country of origin organized abroad.
• I ask the consulate, on which I depend, for the transcription of documents relating to civil status events (birth, marriage) that occur during my stay.

Prepare for expatriation with the family

• I make an appointment with my doctor to check the recommended vaccinations, the follow-up of medical treatment and the possible medical risks incurred in the country of destination. I do a medical check-up for each member of my family.
• I regularly check the validity of my passport and those of my children.
• I check that their birth certificate or family record book as well as their health record is up to date with vaccinations
• I think about my children’s schooling and enroll them in a school abroad. Without forgetting to re-register them once back in the country of origin.

Termination for legitimate reasons and expatriation

• Before leaving for the country of expatriation, I terminate all my contracts (water, gas, electricity, internet, etc.), as well as for return to my country of origin.
When you subscribe to a subscription offer, you enter into a contractual relationship. To put an end to it without additional cost, it is necessary to respect the end of contract clauses specified in the general conditions of sale.
Expatriation allows termination for “legitimate reason”. The latter authorizes you to terminate any contract. A move abroad is a circumstance that will facilitate your termination.

Prepare for your return from expatriation

• I organize my move taking into account deadlines and customs formalities.
• I make arrangements to benefit from social security coverage upon my return to my country of origin
• If I have paid taxes abroad, I request before leaving the country, a tax clearance from the competent local administration
• I find out about my driving rights with my driving license in my country of origin
• I keep all important supporting documents (employment, income, health, etc.)

Take out health insurance for your expatriation

• I take the necessary steps to benefit from appropriate social coverage. I contact an expatriate insurance specialist to obtain advice adapted to my personal situation: my age, my marital status, my destination and the duration of the expatriation.
• I subscribe to repatriation insurance.
• I take out expatriation health insurance.

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To be able to start your expatriation project in a serene way, you must prepare it both before going to the country of expatriation but also when you return.

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