How to develop your expatriation network?

Feeling surrounded is the key to a good experience!
To expatriate is to embark on the unknown, to confront a different culture and to live an extraordinary experience. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be difficult, after the first months of discovery and wonder, to live away from one’s culture. Yet there are ways to protect yourself from what can be considered an “expat blues.” When you go abroad, the question of integration arises. How to develop your network abroad, whether professional or personal? Here are our tips.


Use social networks for better integration in expatriation

Expatriation causes upheavals, especially in social life. The expatriate will therefore have to build a new life and above all a new relational circle. Social networks are a powerful communication tool that is now essential. The use of social networks and especially Facebook can greatly help you during your expatriation. They make it easier for you to follow the life of your loved ones, even from a distance. They are also proving to be an essential tool for immersing yourself in local life, following the news of your expatriate city and the events not to be missed on site during your expatriation.
It is possible to prepare your trip well before leaving by joining social networks dedicated to expatriates or by meeting (virtually) other people in the country via specialized forums.
Hanging out with expatriates who already have a little perspective on their experience in the country not only allows you to avoid possible isolation when you arrive, but also to obtain a lot of practical advice.

Build your professional network in your country of expatriation

The professional opportunity tops the benefits of expatriation. This is an opportunity to develop your career. Expatriation allows access to higher positions but also to benefits such as: a higher salary, mobility or installation bonuses, etc.
In the company that you are going to join, you will meet people automatically. A discussion over a coffee break, an outing for a drink, a file to ask for advice … are an excellent solution for bonding.
In addition, many branch-specific international networks exist. By learning about yours, you will inevitably meet new people with whom to collaborate or simply forge a friendship.
Step by step, you will build a solid professional address book and expand your network.
Networking in the workplace is very important, but remember that you can meet people anywhere.

Participate in local activities during your expatriation

Indeed, extra-professional activities also provoke encounters and promote integration in the new country.
Attend Events Attending events that are professional in nature or that match your interests is a great way to meet people and discuss topics that interest you. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the country, the city and to enrich yourself on a human level. In addition, it will also allow you to improve your language level.

Register for sports activities

Sign up for sports classes in your neighborhood to meet locals. Take part in an aperitif organized for newcomers to the country (these events are often on Facebook).

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is a good way to discover the world of solidarity and mutual aid.
Volunteering can be a great way to bond with new people. By committing to a cause, you demonstrate your dedication and your wish to fit in better.

Keep a blog during your expatriation

Also, don’t hesitate to blog about your experience there. The blog can serve as a link between you and your family and friends back in your home country. It is also helping those who would like to experience the same things as you, and therefore to become a benchmark for future expatriates. In addition, by telling your story, it will be easier for you to decompress in the event of a stroke of the blues.
Indeed, by having a blog during your expatriation, you must feed it. Each visit or outing is an opportunity to share your expatriation on the web.

Arriving in a new country can be overwhelming. It is essential not to feel isolated and to create a new social and professional circle to fully benefit from your expatriation. Building a strong network on-site is an easy solution to consider. Recreating a familiar environment can be important for a person far from their country of origin.

And don’t forget, for your peace of mind, it is essential to take out expatriation insurance that covers you on all occasions!

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