Travel to France: nationals of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria must obtain a Schengen visa

Compulsory travel insurance for Schengen visas

The Schengen visa allows non-European nationals entering the European Union to travel freely in countries that have signed the Schengen agreement.
Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria are among the countries whose nationals must obtain a Schengen visa to enter France for a short stay of less than 90 days.
To obtain this famous Schengen visa, you need to take out travel insurance.
This insurance must cover medical and hospital expenses, with a ceiling of 30,000 euros per insured person. Repatriation and evacuation must be included in the travel insurance contract.



The price of Schengen insurance depends on the length and nature of your stay.

At Mondassur, we have two offers for non-Europeans coming to France:
– For stays of less than 3 months: Schengen Europe Access
– For stays of 3 to 12 months: Europe Access

To obtain a Schengen visa, contact your local consulate.
So if you live in Casablanca and plan to spend a holiday in Paris, you should contact the French consulate in Casablanca.

Schengen visa travel insurance in France: you can take out insurance online

Your visa application must include a number of supporting documents, including the reasons for your stay, accommodation in France, means of subsistence for the duration of your stay and, of course, travel insurance.
You can make your quotation online, take out your policy online, and immediately receive your insurance certificate by email, so you can travel to the embassy. Thetravel insurance certificate must then be attached to the Schengen visa application file.

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