Good reasons to take out travel insurance

Before you set off to discover the world, or plan a getaway to an exotic country, it’s important to prepare your trip. You’ll need to plan your itinerary, book your flights and hotels, make sure your passport is up to date, get the right visa and, of course, the right travel insurance for the country you’re visiting. Here are a few good reasons to help you decide quickly.


Cancellation, repatriation and health

Taking out travel insurance can provide essential help in the event of unforeseen situations. Most of the time, airfares are expensive. If you ever have to cancel your flight, you’ll benefit from a cancellation guarantee.

If you fall ill, travel insurance can cover your healthcare costs abroad, in your destination country. Depending on your problem and the country you’re in, you can save a lot of money or even go broke in countries like the USA, Singapore or Hong Kong, which charge very high rates.
You may also be the victim of an accident or illness requiring medical repatriation. Insurance can help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses even further.

Theft, civil liability and unforeseen events

If your trip is lost or stolen, your insurance will be your guarantee. This can happen during the journey, as most of your belongings will be entrusted to the carriers. The same applies to theft. Your insurer will protect you against every eventuality during your departure.
Insurance can help you if you’re a bit clumsy and cause damage to others. Your insurance will cover you against such negligence. You may also need to make an urgent return trip to your home in the event of death, for example, or other incidents that could affect your daily life.

Mondassur lets you compare different travel insurances

There are many situations in which you may need travel insurance, and unforeseen events or major problems don’t just happen to other people. Contact Mondassur’s international insurance experts to help you choose your travel insuranceand compare the different international insurance options available free of charge by requesting an immediate quote online.

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