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On this page we offer you to discover a part of the Mondassur team who can answer your questions directly: advice for the choice of your international insurance, partnership, development. Etc.

Information to get to know them better with their favorite destinations, their backgrounds and their passions and hobbies.

Katherine GRAFFIN, founder and CEO of MONDASSUR

Studies: Bachelor of Law and Grande Ecole of Business ESCP Europe – Paris, Oxford, Berlin

I would like a day to be more than 24 hours… to be able to take the time to accompany my clients on their travels to the four corners of the world, to put a little gastronomy in my kitchen or to be able to invest more alongside my children and many other exciting activities!

A landmark trip?

India is one of the most fascinating countries in the world for its cultural, economic and social diversity. It was quite a few years before the economic emergence of this great country, I had the chance to work for a humanitarian project in Puna and meet slum dwellers. I was amazed by the kindness and cheerfulness of the people despite their living conditions in total destitution.

Her next travel destination?

I have travelled a lot and lived in different countries in Europe, North America where I also lived, Asia, Africa but I do not know South America and can’t wait to discover this part of the world: Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, I have a hard time choosing! I’m going to have to take a big vacation someday!

Gaétan, International Export Sales Manager

Studies: Master of international marketing and commerce.

A landmark trip?

China, which is truly a unique country. I was lucky enough to stay there for a month, which is really little given the vastness of the country and its historical and cultural richness. I was able to discover this country, which was a total change of scenery for me, and I dream of being able to return again and again in order to discover all the wonders that this country can offer us.

His next travel destination?

I don’t have anything planned yet, but I want to visit South America: Argentina, Uruguay etc… These are countries that have always interested me and in which I have never set foot. I dream of discovering what this part of the world has to offer us, and to learn more about the lives of the people of these countries.

Clara, in charge of Customer Relationship and Schools

Studies: Master Management and International Commerce

Since I was a child, thanks to my parents, I have had a passion for travelling and discovering other cultures. It was because of this that I turned to language studies first, and then to international trade afterwards.

A landmark trip?

My first trip to Japan, a country that made me dream since I was a little girl. It was my longest trip, and the first solo. I was able to meet some amazing people, and discover wonderful things.

Her next travel destination?

I would like to take a trip to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, or indonesia. I am very attracted to Asia. In the longer term I would like to travel to each continent.

Axelle, in charge of International Customer Relationship


Studies: Bachelor in International Affairs

Having been at the French high school abroad, I was able to discover a great diversity of different cultures and nationalities, which opened my mind enormously, beyond what we learn in books.

A landmark trip?

Four-month internship in Nanjing, China where I was able to understand more in depth Chinese culture and some of my roots. Despite the unexpected, I enjoyed the exchanges I had with the locals and discovered this country other than through the eyes of a tourist.

Her next travel destination?

It is not yet fixed but probably Japan with my siblings, a country that has fascinated us all in one way or another.

Catherine, Finance Manager

Studies: Accountant’s diploma

A landmark trip?

The United States where I discovered the West Coast.

Her next travel destination?

Shhh, it’s a secret…

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