Good reasons to choose Mondassur

For several years now, thousands of expatriates, students, tourists, nomads… have trusted Mondassur for their expatriate, travel or student insurance abroad. Here are some good reasons to choose us!

1 – International health insurance adapted to your situation

The guarantees you need are not the same depending on whether you are going to the United States or Africa. Similarly, you must take into account your status. The conditions are different when you are a student or retired, going on vacation or working abroad. If you leave 5 days, 3 months or several years. In any case, don’t worry: Mondassur offers you the insurance to go abroad best suited to your needs. We save you time by studying the different contracts offered by insurers and selecting for you the most suitable insurance for different situations, destinations and durations.

2 – Your health insurance at the best price

Mondassur offers the insurance best suited to your needs, at the best price. How? :
• By comparing and selecting with the greatest care the insurances according to your
specific situation.
• By negotiating directly with insurers the best contracts for you.
• By guaranteeing our partners large volumes of policyholders to offer
Very competitive rates.
• All this allows us to offer you excellent rates and let you enjoy them. So you save money!

In addition, no additional fees will be added for your payments when due.

3 – Feel serene abroad

By subscribing to Mondassur, you are sure to be insured worldwide. For example, if you are an expat in Mexico and you have a 1-week business trip to Cambodia, or you want to return to your home country during the Christmas holidays, do not panic, you will be covered! If you need to be hospitalized, or use health care, this will be covered. Mondassur is one of the only insurance brokers to offer you such a wide selection of insurance for all destinations in the world.

4 – A team available to answer all your questions

Our human-sized and multilingual team is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm to answer any questions you may have. We know it’s important to go abroad with peace of mind and to know that you will be supported if something goes wrong. We are a true platform for integrated advice and management. Our team can be reached by email, phone and WhatsApp. Rest assured, your information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed. All our advisors are subject to a privacy policy of the information transmitted.

5 – A simple and effective user experience

Plus, you get a 24-hour online support platform that allows you to easily manage your medical needs. Thus, you will be able to freely:
• request your medical care,
• apply for your reimbursement of medical care,
• contact our medical department for advice and information,
• Print your insurance card or insurance certificate if necessary.

This platform is designed to give you a simple and efficient user experience, so you can manage your medical needs with peace of mind.

6 – Access to doctors and medical institutions abroad

By choosing Mondassur, you have access to an extensive international network of hospitals and high-level medical practitioners, who guarantee you quality care. You also have access to the private health care system, where the quality of care is better than in the public system. You will no longer have to worry about costs that can quickly escalate, because we take care of all the expenses related to your medical care, and cover you in case of an incident. You will be able to focus on your recovery with confidence!

7 – Be reimbursed for your health care effectively


Reimbursement with Mondassur is quick and easy. The deadlines are relatively short. Mondassur undertakes to offer you easy follow-up of your refunds by sending your requests electronically. To obtain reimbursement of your health expenses excluding hospitalization or assistance, you have access to an online personal space. This space will allow you to send your claims and use the services of your insurance.

8 – Get a quote quickly

Finally, you have the opportunity to get a free quote for your international health insurance in just a few clicks. We offer you a wide choice of insurance options tailored to your personal situation, so you can find the coverage that best suits your needs. Subscribing online is easy and fast for all our insurance for abroad.
By choosing Mondassur, you benefit from personalized support for optimal responsiveness. We are available to guide you through your underwriting process, and answer any questions you may have about our international insurance products.

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