5 good reasons to choose Mondassur

We recommend the insurance that is best for your situation

The guarantees you need are not the same depending on whether you are going to the United States or Africa. Similarly, insurance is different for example if you go for studies or for tourism, if you leave 5 days or 3 months or several years. We recommend the most suitable insurance for expatriation or travel overseas. Depending on certain situations, it is important to exchange by phone or email in order to offer you the contract that is most interesting to you. You have the option directly and 24 hours a day to get a free quote for your international insurance and you can buy directly online for the majority of our insurance for foreign countries.

We offer you the best guarantee-price ratio

As a 100 insurance broker specializing in international markets, we offer travel and expatriate insurance contracts designed at the best rate for specific needs depending on your situation.

You’ll save money

We offer you the most economical international insurance for your situation and allowing you to be well covered for your destination.

We save you time

Our job is to study the different contracts offered by insurers and to select for you the most suitable insurance according to different situations, destinations and durations. Our advisors are there to advise you on the insurance for the most interesting foreign country for you. There are many offers presented on different websites of travel and expatriate insurance, the site www.mondassur.com is one of the only ones to offer you such a wide selection of short and long term insurance for all destinations around the world.

You’ll find answers to all your questions

Our advisors are there to answer all your questions in a personalized way because we know it is important to go abroad with peace of mind and to know that you will be supported in case of problems. Our team can be reached by phone, fax and email and for our policyholders, they have 24-hour access to a telephone support platform. All our advisors are subject to a privacy policy of the information transmitted.

We work with the world largest insurers

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