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In 2023, some 22,000 international students were welcomed in Vietnam, testifying to a significant growth in international cooperation in the country's education sector. These students, from various countries and territories, are often required to have health insurance to guarantee their access to medical care in the event of illness or accident during their stay.

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Most Vietnamese universities require international health insurance, which is also a visa requirement. However, specific health insurance requirements may vary according to the policies of educational establishments and Vietnamese regulations. If you are planning to study in Vietnam, get a free quote for your international student insurance today!

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How do I choose student insurance for Vietnam?

Can I be covered by social security in Vietnam as a foreign student?

In Vietnam, the public health insurance system is present but limited in its coverage. Health insurance is free for children up to the age of 6, and for the rest of the population, contributions amount to 4.5% of remuneration, generally shared between employer and employee. So as a foreign student, you’re not entitled to it! However, this insurance only covers around a quarter of beneficiaries’ healthcare expenses, and public hospitals can be overcrowded and under-equipped, particularly outside the big cities.

For foreign students, we recommend international health insurance. This coverage is better suited to their lifestyle and provides access to private care facilities, offering a higher level of care. These insurances also cover the costs of specialized or emergency treatment outside Vietnam, in the event of unavailability in Vietnam.

Health insurance for foreign students in Vietnam

As a foreign student in Vietnam, you are not eligible for the country’s public medical coverage. In this case, you can choose between international health insurance or local Vietnamese private health insurance. The international option is particularly advantageous even if you decide to move to another country after your stay in Vietnam, as it covers you regardless of where you live. This insurance offers competitive rates, multilingual support to facilitate communication if you’re not fluent in Vietnamese, emergency repatriation coverage, third-party liability coverage, and high coverage limits that meet the specific needs of international students.

Goldstudent international student insurance is the best solution. It offers comprehensive, affordable cover, with a high ceiling of up to €250,000, covering all medical expenses. This coverage provides total protection in the event of illness or injury during your stay in Vietnam. For more information on this type of coverage, contact our specialized advisors and get a free quote for your student health insurance in Vietnam!

How much does international student insurance cost in Vietnam?

The price of student health insurance varies according to a number of factors, including the length of your study stay, the additional benefits you wish to include, the age of the insured and other specific parameters. In general, international insurance offers a better balance between coverage and cost. For example, Mondassur’s Goldstudent plan starts from €27, offering an affordable option with coverage tailored to the needs of international students. Get a free quote for your international student insurance, compare the different plans and choose the one that best suits your budget and needs!

Do I need health insurance to obtain my study visa for Vietnam?

There are two main stages in the process of obtaining a student visa for Vietnam. First of all, you need to apply for a letter of approval for a study purpose from the Vietnam Immigration Department, or the local Immigration office, a process that takes around 5 working days. Then prepare and submit a file including the approval letter, a valid passport, a visa application form, and other required documents to the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your home country.

Required documents also include the NA2 form for guarantee documents for foreigners, an admission document from a Vietnamese school and notarized proof of the purpose of entry. And don’t forget to include proof of health insurance, which is often required and essential for your protection and financial security. Take out your international student insurance today!

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