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Different healthcare systems in Europe

Each country has its own system for medical care and social benefits, which makes it very complicated to establish a common model for the whole Europe. A medical act in France will be very different from what medical care could be in the UK, in Germany or even in Spain. An international health insurance makes sense and allows you if you live in a country other than your home country to benefit from the same healthcare throughout Europe. Mondassur offers GoldExpat insurance to build the health coverage that suits you in terms of guarantees and budget.

The European Health Insurance Card: European Health Passport

If you do not benefit from an international health insurance and you benefit from the public system of a European country, you will be able, thanks to the European health insurance card, to be taken care of temporarily in another country of the Union. For non-EU citizens, they cannot benefit from these rights and the situation can be very confusing and complicated. This explains why non-EU citizens need to purchase a Schengen insurance for their Schengen visa or their long stay visa in Europe.

Quality of medical care in Europe and health risks

Even if Europe provides good quality healthcare, the health system can be very different from a country to another. Medical acts are, most of the time, with an excellent quality and easy to access wherever you are. Moreover, the institutions and facilities are modern with an excellent hygiene. The costs are pretty high, even if it’s less expensive than what can be found in North America or in some Asians countries.  It is important to note that there is a big difference between the costs in Western Europe countries and in Eastern Europe countries. There are few sanitarians risks, even if pollution can be a real problem, especially in big cities such as Paris or London.

Medical insurance and repatriation needed in Europe

Despite the quality and the accessibility of the medical acts In Europe, it is very important to buy a health coverage for Europe before your departure and to get aware of the medical system in the country you are going to. It is also important to take out repatriation insurance as even though part of your medical expenses may be covered by the European Health Insurance Card, you may need to be repatriated to your home country for longer treatment. for example. Note that a repatriation can easily exceed 10.000 euros within Europe.

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