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You are going to live abroad or already live abroad

Do you want to expatriate or are you already living outside your home country? Are you looking forward to establishing in Australia, the United States, Asia, Africa or Latin America? Whatever your project, you want to discover new horizons and take the plunge to settle abroad.
Such a project is often slow to put in place, and asks to think of many points in order to succeed your installation. The choice of your international health insurance is a very important element to consider in order to leave safely. You have the possibility with Mondassur to request a free quote to get an idea of the amount of medical coverage. We strongly advise you to contact us to help you in the choice of your expat insurance according to your destination, your status, your family projects, your budget and your wished benefits that will allow us to advise you on the best international insurance options.


Essential medical insurance abroad

International insurance is essential to protect you against all eventualities and to cover you in case of problems. Whether for the support of hospital expenses, coverage of everyday medicine to treat you daily when you fall ill or personal liability, the good reasons to choose an international health insurance adapted to your situation are multiple. From the moment you leave your home country, you will no longer be covered in the same way for your social protection. In terms of medical coverage, you will have several options depending on your situation abroad (entrepreneur or self-employed, employee, seconded) and according to your destination. You may be able to benefit from the local medical coverage system existing in the country of destination, or on the contrary it is not suitable and you will then have to manage your medical coverage on your own. Mondassur experts can provide you with clear and precise answers to these questions.

How to choose the right international health insurance

It is not always easy to navigate among all the possibilities available to you and all the guarantees offered on the insurance market. That is why Mondassur accompanies you in your project by helping you find the international insurance formula best suited to your situation.

We offer you to make a free and fully personalized quote with one of our international insurance experts. We offer you different formulas, depending on the country in which you want to settle and the health costs of your expatriation country. But also different options so you can choose benefits you need and have insurance fully tailored to your needs and your budget, not only for you but also for your entire family.

You must take into account various elements that we detail you in this article on the criteria for choosing your international health insurance.

The possibility to enhance your medical coverage abroad

In addition to hospitalization expenses and the reimbursement of expenses of current medicine, we also offer assistance and repatriation, personal liability, benefits for dental, optical or maternity expenses and much more.

We assign you a single point of contact throughout this insurance research process, so that our expert is fully aware of your situation and what you are looking for and thus best meets all your expectations. Finally, our support platform, available 24/24 and 7/7 is here to accompany you whatever the situation or the difficulties you encounter and guide you in your steps to perform when you are abroad.

Expert advice in international health insurance

You want an international insurance quote, you have a doubt, or any question? Ask for a free quote for an expatriate insurance and contact us for any information. We will be happy to help you. You can contact us by email at or directly by phone at +33 1 80 87 57 80 or by whatsapp so that one of our advisers can answer your requests.

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Our opening hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 Central Europe Time from Monday to Friday to contact our consultants. Our medical platforms are reachable 24/24 and 365 days a year..

Do you have questions on your insurance plan, you would like to purchase a travel insurance or receive a quote for an expat insurance ? Please send us an email ; we will answer you within 24h00 business days.


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