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Mondassur offers you health insurance for your internship, your studies or your trip abroad.


From 27 €/month

 Contrat 3 plans available, according to your destination and the criteria required by your university

Instant application online

 Assistance Emergency hotline 24/7


Planning to go abroad ?

Travel insurance is essential to cover you abroad if anything unexpected happens. 

Indeed, medical expenses are often quite expensive abroad and your Health Care system does not cover you everywhere.

Travel with peace of mind with top-range travel insurance Special rate for under 35 !

Mondassur offers you international insurance with 2 options suited to your needs with very good value for money: Premium & Access.

The Essentials :

• All kinds of stay maximum 12 months for under 35 years old

• Reimbursement of medical expenses at 100% of real costs

• Direct payment in case of hospitalisation

Repatriation assistance

• Emergency medical hotline available 24 X 7

• Option Premium with more benefits such as Luggage theft and Personal liability

• Renewable insurance



So if anything goes wrong, your international student insurance plan includes:

  • Repatriation
  • Medical expenses and hospitalization
  • Personal liability
  • Luggage insurance

I am well insured in case of a glitch, my student insurance contract includes:


Medical expenses and hospitalization

Civil liability

Baggage insurance


The insurance covers:

• Study stays maximum 12 months renewable for children under 35 years

• reimbursement of medical expenses at 100% of actual costs

• Direct payment in case of hospitalization

• Repatriation assistance

• Access to a medical assistance platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Details of medical coverage:

Hospitalization: 100% real costs up to 1.000.000 €

Medical expenses: 100% real costs up to 1.000.000 €

Liability: Bodily damages: 4,500,000 € and materials: 450,000 €, deductible 80 €.

Legal fees: Legal fees: 2.000 €, penal deposit: 10.000 €

Coverage in the event of theft, loss or damage to luggage; up to 1.500 €

Repatriation assistance included

Accident capital: Death share: € 8,000 and in case of disability € 40,000


Liability - privacy and internships:

- Liability insurance, deductible 80 €

- Personal injury up to € 4,500,000

- Material damage up to 450 000 €


Where are you going?





IMPORTANT: If you are going to the United States, some American universities require specific criteria, contact us to get the most appropriate insurance plan for your stay in the US! 

Contact Details

Contact Us

+33 1 80 87 57 80
  WhatsApp : +33 7 66 54 12 12
Skype : Mondassur

19, rue des Longs Prés
92100 Boulogne - FRANCE

Our opening hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 Central Europe Time from Monday to Friday to contact our consultants. Our medical platforms are reachable 24/24 and 365 days a year..

Do you have questions on your insurance plan, you would like to purchase a travel insurance or receive a quote for an expat insurance ? Please send us an email ; we will answer you within 24h00 business days.


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