5 Options for studying abroad

Going abroad is an experience that many students dream of living.
If you also want to live this adventure as more than one in three French students, here are some ways to go and study internationally.


Enroll directly in a foreign university

It is possible to register freely with a university abroad outside the exchange program. In general, registration is done directly with the university and if you are accepted, you will be able to complete your course entirely in the chosen country.

Make an exchange program

You also have the option of doing an exchange program at a foreign university. Several programmes are available, such as Erasmus and bilateral exchanges.

Leaving as part of an integrated curriculum

There are often agreements signed with international universities that allow students to do part of their course abroad. Generally this option will allow you to obtain a double degree at the end of your studies.

Join a summer university “summer class”

Summer class is a way to study or upgrade during the summer holidays (June to September). This option is available in several countries around the world and you can join these summer universities for a few weeks.

Leaving as a student visiting

Lately, it is possible to take courses at some universities by not being enrolled in the same status as an ordinary student. As a visiting student, you will not graduate at the end of your studies even though the costs of taking these courses may be high.

Go abroad to study with peace of mind

Studying abroad can be an ordeal for some and an adventure for others. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is strongly advised to take out insurance that will allow you to benefit from health coverage during your study trips.

Some countries do not have as adequate social security as that in France and medical costs can be very expensive abroad. Some universities, such as those in the United States, are often very demanding when it comes to health insurance for international students. They require international students to take out health insurance before entering university.
It is therefore highly recommended to take out insurance before going on a trip in order to be well protected in case of problems. To prepare your studies abroad in peace, a dedicated and professional team is available so do not hesitate to contact us.

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