Going to Cuba yes, but not without your travel insurance!

Cuba is a beautiful destination, its hundreds of kilometers of beaches that have the color of mother-of-pearl, its rum, its sun, its mountain ranges, its Spanish-colonial architecture… But there is an imperative to be able to get there: travel insurance.


Indeed since May 2010 travel insurance is mandatory to obtain his visa in Cuba according to a directive published in the official newspaper.
This directive requires all travellers (foreigners and ins) to present documents attesting to the purchase of a travel insurance policy. If you are unable to present it you will be forced to subscribe to it as soon as you arrive, from a Cuban company.

According to official statistics, more than 4 million tourists and 300,000 Cubans living abroad, have visited Cuba in 2018.
For this travel insurance to be valid, it must be issued by a Cuban or foreign agency provided it is approved by the Cuban authorities.

What’s the point of this insurance?

This travel insurance pays for medical and repatriation expenses.
Obviously the coverage can be more extensive: the refund of the trip in case of cancellation, or that of the contents of your luggage if it is lost during the flight or stolen, until the payment of a lawyer’s fees if your civil liability criminal case was in question.

Mandatory and useful!

Even if it is mandatory, it is not an unnecessary expense. Beyond the administrative: it is reassuring to know that not only will you always be cared for by professionals, but also that you will be spared the financial difficulties that can result from your misadventures. Indeed a simple sprain in Varadero can cost more than 3000 euros. So for a more serene trip make sure you have a good travel insurance !

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