Compulsory travel insurance for Thailand

Perfumed cuisine, dream beaches, sumptuous temples … Thailand has something to make tourists smile, not for nothing that it has been called “the land of smiles”. Travel insurance is required to re-enter Thailand. A “constraint” that turns out to be a real relief if you suffer an accident, emergency medical repatriation …

The risks during a stay in Thailand

What are the risks to your health in Thailand?

Thailand is an area of ​​the world where certain diseases are more severe. In particular diseases transmissible by mosquito bites. We find there: Zika, dengue, chikungunya or even malaria (malaria). You should also avoid other risks of bites and stings of dangerous species. Indeed, you can be bitten by a monkey or a stray dog, of which there are very many, some infected with rabies, which is endemic throughout Southeast Asia. Finally, bites or stings of dangerous species like snakes or stonefish will take you directly to the emergency department of a Thai hospital or medical center. The possible prospect of medical repatriation should be taken into consideration.

What are the risks to your safety in Thailand?

The risks concerning your security are of different natures:

  • Road accidents: the highway code is poorly enforced and speed limits are not respected in Thailand. The country is among the top 3 countries in the world with the most road accidents. Be careful !
  • The risk of attacks: Some parts of Thailand are absolutely not recommended. Due to the separatist conflicts in southern Thailand, travelers are not advised to travel to Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala and Songkhla provinces. It is also not recommended to go to the border area with Burma in the northwest.
  • The risks of bad weather: It is not recommended to go there during the rainy season (from April to November in the whole country and from November to March in the region of Koh Samui and the east coast of Thailand) . The intensity of the precipitation causes flooding and makes some roads inaccessible and dangerous.

Why is the bank card not enough for insurance in Thailand?

Who is covered by your bank card?

Most of the cards cover the following people: the card holder, the holder’s spouse, partner or PACS member, his or her children under 25 who are unmarried and fiscally dependent.

What does your credit card insurance cover?

Some cards like Visa and Master Card Gold come with travel insurance that applies to all of your trips. They give the right to compensation in the event of a claim. The only condition is to have used it for the payment of the trip.
If you have a classic Visa or Mastercard in your possession, you will hardly be covered. Your health care coverage will therefore be limited to a ceiling of 11,000 euros. Your coverage will not guarantee you in the event of cancellation or modification of your trip; if your baggage is lost, damaged or stolen, you will not be covered either. The same goes for your civil liability.
Classic Visa or Mastercard cards therefore offer very limited coverage. The maximum ceiling for covered costs can quickly be exceeded in the event of serious hospitalization. For the most part, these contracts do not contain any overseas liability insurance. In the event of an accident, if you cause material damage but especially bodily injury to a third party, all costs will be your responsibility … and the bill can be exorbitant.

How to enter Thailand

Since 1 May 2022, Thailand has relaxed its entry requirements. No more tests are required on arrival for vaccinated travellers. From June 1st, foreign nationals will still be required to register for the Thailand Pass (mandatory since November 2021) but will only need to provide the following documents:

  • Covid-19 vaccination certificate
  • Health insurance with coverage of at least USD 10,000
  • Valid passport

Foreign travellers are then given the QR code to be checked at the airport on arrival. Airlines are responsible for checking passengers’ Thailand Pass QR codes and may refuse passengers who do not present the QR code upon boarding. However, any passenger who lands in Thailand without the QR code will be dealt with by the airline.

Why buy travel insurance for Thailand?

Travel insurance has been compulsory to enter Thai territory since the global health crisis.
Travel medical insurance must be written in English and guarantee a minimum coverage of at least US $ 10,000 for medical expenses (including Covid-19 treatment) and be valid for at least 3 months upon arrival in the territory.
Travel insurance also offers:

  • Much higher guarantee limits
  • Your healthcare costs reimbursed up to a higher limit.

Social security only partially covers your health care. It is possible to request a reimbursement which will be made on the basis of the social security scales. In addition, the reimbursement is only valid for emergencies and upon assessment by social security. Health insurance is therefore strongly recommended.
Mondassur offers insurance that meets your travel and expatriation insurance needs. We will advise you on the best insurance for Thailand based on your length of stay and other criteria.

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