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You are an expatriate or future expatriate and you are about to choose your international health insurance? What should you know to choose a good expatriate insurance?

Here are some tips to help you pick the international insurance that suits you best.


Inquire about the cost of healthcare within the country of expatriation

Medical tariffs from country to country can vary a lot. In Japan or in the United States for instance, medical costs are among the most expensive of the world. It is therefore important to know the level and quality of care in the country of expatriation to anticipate these medical costs. It is highly recommended to get a repatriation insurance for being able to receive better care in your country of origin.

Search determinants in choosing Expat insurance

To determine health coverage adapted to your profile, you must know some insurance concepts and ask yourself the right questions:

- What are the conditions of validity of the guarantee of the international health insurance?
- What are the deductibles? A deductible is an amount that remains to your responsibility.
- Waiting periods exist? During this period, ranging from 15 days to a few months, you cannot play your benefits and your care will not be refundable.
- Can you see the doctor of your choice or do you have to go through a medical network given by the insurer?

Health coverage

We recommend you to choose an insurance based on reimubursements on actual costs, what you really spend out of your pocket. This type of health international insurance functions as soon as you have medical expenses and does not cover your expenses on top of another local or governement based insurance plan.

Choose an international insurer which you can easily reach

At Mondassur, our team is available from Monday until Friday from 9am to 6 pm without any interruption. Our medical platform are available 24/7 so that wherever you are in the world, you can always speak for a medical emergency to a competent advisor.

Check how claims reimbursements are functionning

The procedure must be simple with quick claims reimbursements period. Also check the amount of bank charges -if any - for a reimbursement on your foreign bank account. Finally, ask yourself if you get a direct payment service for hospital costs. If you have to be hospitalized, who will pay the costs directly ?

Identify the contract exclusions

As in any insurance plan, an expat insurance plan will have exclusions. The issue is to check if these exclusions are normal ones of common sense or are wider and tend to lower the quality of the insurance plan. Look carefully at the benefits excluded by the insurance contract which are not absolutely necessary in your case.
Finally, remember to call on an international insurance broker such as Mondassur who can advise you and help you to choose the right expatriate insurance best suits to your particular case.

Why choose Mondassur ?

Since 2001, Mondassur is the specialist in international insurance for people living outside their country of origin. Whether you are an international student, a traveler or an expatriate, Mondassur accompanies you during your experience abroad with a custom range of international health insurance plans, adapted to each profile and every budget.

In order to obtain quickly your answers, Mondassur advises you to make a free quote online for expatriate insurance and get in touch with us per phone, email, skype or whatsapp.

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