Quebec Student Insurance Canada: McGill and Universities in Quebec

You are going to study in Quebec and you need to take out student insurance for Canada. You have obtained all the necessary permissions: the CAQ, the study Permit for those leaving for a long time and you are ready.
Medical costs in Canada are very high and it is essential to have medical insurance that covers you in Canada of course but also when you travel and return to your country of origin.


Quebec universities such as McGill University require you to choose between taking out private insurance from the university or enrolling in the Quebec Health Insurance Board (QMRA) by forgoing the benefits of health insurance in your home country, if your country has an agreement with Quebec.

What is the best choice between RAMQ and a private insurance company from Quebec at the university?

Neither of the two solutions is really satisfactory since you can be covered in Canada, but not 100% for these 2 options and especially you are not covered if you are travelling outside of Canada (except for some universities for emergencies if your trip lasts less than 4 weeks) and you are not covered when you return to your home country.
Given the incomplete guarantees of private insurance offered by McGill, for example, we recommend opting for RAMQ, if your country has signed an agreement, and choosing an international health insurance such as Gold Student. allowing you to be insured around the world during all your stays including in your home country, to obtain additional refunds to the RAMQ – RAMQ refunds are often limited to 70% and the agreement rates set by RAMQ and does not cover you in private hospitals in Canada.

How do I choose my insurance to study in Quebec?

Choosing only RAMQ is insufficient, buying private insurance from the Quebec university does not completely cover you either.
We therefore advise you to take out international student insurance. Knowing that you will no longer have a link with your country of origin, it is essential that this insurance covers you with the 1 dollar spent and ideally can supplement your RAMQ refunds so that you can benefit from the access facilities offered by the RAMQ card while being completely covered.

How much does foreign student insurance cost in Canada?

The price varies greatly depending on the level of coverage offered by the insurance.
For a sufficient level of coverage allowing you to be covered all over the world at a very good level, it takes between 50 and 100 euros/month. Mondassur International Student Insurance offers you an excellent guaranteed-price ratio, ask for a free quote for student insurance in Canada.
McGill’s student insurance, which covers you 100% in hospital and 80% in routine medicine for diseases and emergencies only up to 10,000 euros and only up to the maximum rates negotiated by RAMQ in public institutions costs about 730 euros per year (C$1130) but the guarantees as described above are limited.

How do I buy international health insurance for students?

You can purchase your international insurance online in part or use a membership slip to return to us by mail or email. We recommend that you do it at least a week before you can follow all the steps quietly.

What are the benefits of international health insurance?

This is the guarantee of being covered continuously around the world and especially to enjoy the following benefits if you choose a good international insurance of the type GoldExpat:
Coverage in public and private institutions
Choice of doctors and hospitals
Coverage worldwide: in addition to Canada if you go to the USA, Cuba, Latin America or Asia: you will be covered
Coverage in your home country
Coverage against epidemics such as Covid-19 (point to check according to the insurance chosen)
100% coverage in hospital and current medicine fees at 80% or 90%
Coverage for pre-existing conditions
Coverage for preventive care and not just curative care, routine care
Coverage for emergency dental care
Repatriation in real costs

Who can benefit from RAMQ?

Students from countries that have signed a social security agreement include students from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden.

How do I apply to be attached to the RAMQ?

Exceptionally, due to the current pandemic, you must apply by mail:
Download the RAMQ registration form
Fill out, print and sign the form
Include requested documents (passport copy, certificate of study of the institution in Canada and certificate of affiliation with Social Security)
Post it at the address on the form:

Quebec Health Insurance Authority
C. P. 6600, success. Terminus
Quebec G1K 7T3

Where to find certificates of affiliation with the French social security system to go to Quebec?

For exchange students in Canada: Certificate of affiliation with the French social security system SE 401-Q-106

For students graduating from Canada: Certificate of membership in the French social security system SE 401-Q-102

For students doing an internship in Canada as part of your studies: Certificate of affiliation with the French social security plan SE 401-Q-104

Who to contact McGill for information on international student insurance?

Office of International Student Services
+1 514-398- 4349
+1 514-398- 7352
Brown Pavilion (Student Services) 3600 McTavish Street, Suite 3215, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y2 CANADA

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