Precautions for the coronavirus epidemic and international health insurance

The coronavirus outbreak began in China, in the Wuhan poultry and seafood market exactly. This epidemic requires taking precautions when travelling and travelling in general. Mondassur summarizes the various elements and advises you to choose an international health insurance that supports this type of ailments.

What are the symptoms for the coronavirus outbreak?

Clinical symptoms are those usually observed during winter flu epidemics namely fever, chills, diffuse muscle pain, fatigue, runny nose, cough…
Coronaviruses (Cov) are a family of viruses that cause damage to your health ranging from a common cold to more serious diseases such as SRMO or SARS. The most vulnerable people are the most affected and should follow these precautions carefully. These include the elderly, people with chronic diseases, newborns and pregnant women. The lethal rate is around 3% to 5%.

What precautions should be taken to protect yourself from coronavirus?

These measures currently apply rather around the infectious outbreak or around the city of Wuhan although it is advisable to follow these hygiene rules everywhere else.

  • Avoid travelling to public gatherings if presence is not essential (markets, shopping malls, train stations, airports… etc.)
  • Avoid travelling in rural areas and avoid unprotected contact with animals if it is not necessary
  • Wear masks when travelling outdoors or in contact with a sick person
  • Wash your hands very frequently, especially before meals
  • Consult immediately as soon as symptoms appear

People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should follow the hygiene rules for coughing:

  • keeping away from others,
  • cover your mouth or nose with a tissue or clothing when coughing or sneezing,
  • wash your hands

What coverage with international health insurance?

You will be covered by good expat insurance like GoldExpat worldwide. You will also have the opportunity to be covered as soon as you join given the urgency that this infection may have.
As for travel insurance for your vacation,epidemics are usually not covered. You will need treatment in your home country for good care.

How to travel with the coronavirus outbreak?

The World Health Organization, WHO,does not recommend any specific health measures for travellers. In the presence of symptoms suggestive of a respiratory condition during or after a trip, travellers should consult a doctor, to whom they will share their travel history.
Many countries have taken measures to control the arrivals of aircraft from affected areas.
The city of Wuhan, the worst affected, has been quarantined with monitored and limited travel to prevent further spread of the virus. Other Chinese cities will follow.
WHO and the countries health authorities remains very vigilant about an increase in the epidemic and in the meantime, precautions should be followed with great attention.