Precautions for the coronavirus and international health insurance epidemic

The coronavirus outbreak began in China, in the Wuhan poultry and seafood market exactly. It was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on 11 March 2020. Precautions to contain this epidemic must be strictly followed. To follow the evolution of the pandemic and the affected countries. Mondassur summarizes the various elements and advises you to choose an international health insurancethat supports this type of ailments.

What are the symptoms for the coronavirus outbreak?

Clinical symptoms are those usually observed during winter flu epidemics, such as diffuse muscle pain, fatigue, runny nose, muscle pain. In a second time, come fever and respiratory signs (cough, respiratory discomfort, chest pain). The incubation period is on average 5 days and the installation of the disease is gradually done in contrast to a more brutal flu. Depending on the severity of the clinical signs, maintenance is required in the hospital for 20 of the patients, 5 of whom are in resuscitation. In 30 to 60 people, infection causes little or no clinical manifestations. The major health crisis stems from the fact that the complications of the infection happen suddenly and are very serious with a life-threatening outcome requiring intense hospital resources. These complications affect only a small part of the population, the majority of other people can be carriers of the virus without being sick.

Coronaviruses (Cov) are a family of viruses that cause damage to your health ranging from a common cold to more serious diseases such as SRMO or SARS. The most vulnerable people are the most affected and should follow these precautions carefully. These include the elderly, people with chronic diseases, newborns and pregnant women. The case case rate is around 3 to 5.

What precautions should be taken to protect yourself from coronavirus?

  • Do not move in public groups if the presence is not essential (markets, shopping malls, train stations, airports… etc.)
  • Decrease your social contacts countries such as Italy or France have called for full containment
  • Wear masks when travelling outdoors or in contact with a sick person
  • Wash your hands very frequently, especially before meals
  • Consult as soon as symptoms appear

People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should follow the hygiene rules for coughing:

  • Keeping away from others, minimum 1 metre
  • cover your mouth or nose with a tissue or clothing when coughing or sneezing (use your elbow!),
  • wash your hands

What coverage with international health insurance?

You will be covered by good expat insurance like GoldExpat worldwide. You will also have the opportunity to be covered as soon as you join given the urgency that this infection may have. Mondassur advises you to take out international health insurance like GoldExpat if you live abroad. Simple repatriation assistance guarantees will not cover you.
As for travel insurance for your vacation, epidemics are usually not covered. You will need treatment in your home country for good care. Public authorities can also deal with the consequences of epidemics. If you have already purchased a Mondassur insurance plan but have not departed yet, we propose exceptionally to postpone your insurance coverage dates. Please send us an email to explain your situation in this case.

How to travel with the coronavirus outbreak?

The World Health Organization, WHO,recommends following precautionary health measures in accordance with local instructions from each country.

Many countries have taken measures to control the arrivals of aircraft from affected areas and some countries have closed their borders to prevent the spread of the virus. The European Union has also closed its borders and intra-EU travel is strictly monitored. Many countries have imposed a total home blockage in order to stop the propagation of the virus.
The city of Wuhan, the most affected, was the first city quarantined with limited and monitored travel to prevent further spread of the virus. Other cities and countries such as Italy are monitoring quarantine periods in order to limit the spread of the virus and to be able to ensure the reception of patients in health facilities.
WHO and the health authorities of the various countries are very vigilant about monitoring the epidemic and precautions are to be taken with great attention. A peak of the epidemic could be reached in late March and early April, but scientific experts are still waiting to make a strong decision. In certain areas in the world such as in Africa or South America, the outbreak of the coronvirus could be later in April.

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