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Singapore is a very attractive destination for foreign companies that decided to settle there.

With an ideal location, an economic and a political stability, good infrastructure and a skilled workforce, Singapore is attracting more and more foreigners. It is not surprising that many French people want to expatriate in this metropolis. However this does not mean that it is easy to find a job in Singapore, especially from France.

Why is it difficult to find a job in Singapore from abroad?

It is difficult to find a job from France, Belgium or Canada for several reasons. As a foreigner, you must find a sponsor that will work on your paperwork to get a work visa. The company that wants to recruit you must file an application with the Minister of Employment (MOM) to justify the reasons for your hiring and pay the application fees.

Which sectors hire in Singapore?

For the past five years the conditions to obtain a visa have increased. It is therefore more difficult to find work. People who have obtained a higher education degree or MBA Master type or have a specialty in a popular area, have greater chances to find an employment. Sectors that are recruiting more foreigners are mostly Banks or Finance, jobs related to IT, engineering or biomedical fields.

Some tips to find a job in Singapore?

- Singapore is a former British colony that has kept traces of the Anglo-Saxon culture which you can also see in the professional world. If in France culture diplomas is a shared value, it is really not the case for Singapore, which foster first experience and skills. Nevertheless, the education level is the most telling for Singaporean recruiters. You're more likely to find a job if you have a master (or MBA) and you have a real specialization in the final year.

- Even if you are going abroad to discover a new culture and improve your language skills, remember that there are more than 15,000 French who already live in this country. You should get closer to the French community, it can be helpful in your job research.

- Stand out from other candidates because the competition is tough. Avoid the "I'm open (e) to any propositions / opportunities." Singapore attracts many local and international talents so you should show your interviewer that you will bring him solutions.

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