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General information on the healthcare system in Russia

In order to establish the current social security system, Russia had to start in the 1990s a major project to move away from the assistance system set up during the USSR period. Now clarified, the situation obliges Russian residents to subscribe to various insurance:

Pension insurance
Health Insurance
Unemployment Insurance
Insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases
Today, the vast majority of almost 150 million Russians are covered, which is a huge challenge. The insurance system is financed partly by the Russian State and partly by contributions from employers.

A Visa for Russia?

To enter Russia, whether to study, work or simply as a tourist, you must have a valid Visa. In order to obtain this Visa, you have several solutions that depend on your situation. If you are hired as expatriate in Russia, your employer is required to provide you with the necessary visa for your establishment. If you are only a traveler, simply go to the Russian embassy or one of the consulates (Paris, Strasbourg, Marseille) with a passport photo to apply. ATTENTION: To obtain the Russian Visa, it is obligatory to subscribe to an adequate repatriation insurance. Feel free to ask us for a free quote.

Security risks in Russia

Along with a situation that remains tense, any movement in the Caucasus region remains highly discouraged. With its involvement in global conflicts, Russia is not free from terrorist risks. Stay alert and in case of incident, follow the rules dictated by security guards. Russia is an immense territory and it is strongly advised to inquire before going away in the most distant regions. If delinquency is not greater than in Europe, it is not a matter of being noticed. Some cases of xenophobia are to be deplored in Russia each year. Pay attention to the places you go to.

Health risks in Russia


Hepatitis A is very present in Russia. In order to avoid contamination, it is advisable to consume only water from encapsulated bottles and to avoid tap water. Also pay attention to the food products you consume. Prefer major brands and department stores.


AIDS is a disease present in Russia. It is therefore very important to protect oneself, to be careful and to avoid any risky situation.

Tick ​​hazards

When ticks come, ticks are common in Russia and can transmit many viruses. So be especially vigilant if you go into the forests of Siberia.

The flu

Every year, Russia records several cases of H1N1 flu and avian influenza. Depending on the case, the disease can be very serious or even fatal. In order to avoid danger, consider avoiding poultry in cages in cities and washing your hands as often as possible. In case of doubt of transmission: consult a doctor immediately!

The Rabies

Cases of rabies are reported in Russia. Avoid contact with dogs you do not know. If you ever get bite, immediately wash the soap with soap and antiseptic and find a doctor right away.

GoldExpat insurance for your expatriation in Russia

In order to assist you in your expatriation in Russia, Mondassur offers you GoldExpat, the ideal Russia insurance for expatriates. GoldExpat covers :

Hospitalization at 100% of actual costs

Hospitalization must be reimbursed at 100% of actual costs incurred, it is a real necessity for a good insurance. The costs of hospitalization in Russia are among the highest in the world, so you must be 100% covered in the event of an accident.

Personal liability

Being covered is one thing, but being covered for damage to others is another! Imagine being responsible for breaking the window of a shop in Moscow. You will benefit from the coverage of the Goldexpat Insurance plan.

Complete assistance of repatriation

There are many cases or medical situations where repatriation to the country of origin is mandatory or strongly recommended. Where local insurance will never allow repatriation, international health insurance will allow you to return to your country for treatment.

In all these situations and so many others, the GoldExpat Russia insurance covers you and guarantees you immediate coverage for a very reasonable price.

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