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The Obamacare Act Under Trump

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has said he will implement fundamental changes to the U.S. health insurance system. What is the Obamacare Act? The Obamacare Act, or Affordable Care Act -ACA,championed and enacted by Barack Obama, made health insurance mandatory for all Americans with a few exceptions. Beneficial for some, however, the law has […]


Learning English in the United States

What better place to learn English than in the “country where anything is possible”? Every year, tens of thousands of students go to the United Statesto learn English. Studying at an American university becomes accessible to all: high school students, students, recent graduates. Whether it’s an apprenticeship, a development, a language trip or a rewarding […]


Do I need to buy expat insurance?

You still wonder why international health insurance? Discover the funny situations of these 5 people and see the value of taking out health insurance for your whole family. Leah, expat in Austria Léa and Vincent have been living in Austria for 5 years, working as freelance designers. Leah has just learned that she is pregnant. […]


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