Testimony: Expatriate in San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is unique to me because it offers world-class economic activity, a protest and green spirit in the United States and a strong presence of awe-inspiring nature. Let me describe to you here the daily life in contact with this city so active and not its economic or social aspects.


San Francisco, I said, is the only city in the French sense of the San Francisco Bay Area and perhaps the entire American West as well. Because it is not a city of skyscrapers and “highways” (highways), that people still live in the city (not in the suburbs!), that it has an active city centre at night too, but that it is mainly made up of a multitude of small neighborhoods adjoining, and that it’s a city where you can walk…

But to say that it IS like a French city, far from it! It is so much greener than a French city, with its parks: the Presidio, the Golden Gate Park, which together probably cover 20 of the city,and its streets planted with trees and flowers; so much more spacious; and the architecture so much less structured too.
Living in San Francisco every day for me is breathing, admiring and … breathe! In short, it invigorates!


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