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Why to go to India??

Recurring question that I have been asked dozens of times. And why not? I had never been there before, never one foot in Asia, but I intended to go there one day after I travelled all over Europe. To seize this opportunity to see something else, see a country as an expatriate and not as a mere tourist was worth.

Working abroad?

I've never been opposed to this idea. From the moment that I like the job that I am offered  and that the destination attracts me, I see no reason to hesitate. I'm young and childless and my family ties are limited, it is time to travel. If I am ready to enter the professional world? Of course, since the end of my IUT actually, but my studies are not finished so I'm not there. And then "enter the professional world" is already done, I have just spend a year at it.

What this one-year stay in India brought to me? At the cultural level, it is indisputable, Indian culture is so diverse, and then I dropped by China and Thailand. A year abroad without immersing yourself in the culture is impossible. In language immersion, one year in an English speaking country can only raise the level of English. At the technical level, I could finally see what the engineering profession was since it is the position I held during the year in the research laboratory. An engineer is primarily an executive, and this year I learned to lead a team, manage my projects, solve problems ... and all that stuff in all autonomy.
So many questions! You can write a novel, and in several volumes.

The most surprising? The permanent contradiction. Everywhere in India, unlike the South America countries, the poor live with the rich, that is say, between two beautiful villas of wealthy families, there will always be some craft tents inhabited by very poor families. People have realized that they need each other: the rich offer to do odd jobs for the poor for a wage: gardening, walking the dog, cutting wood, digging a hole or a swimming-pool ... Indians are not naturally envious of others, money does not necessarily have value, what matters most is religion, so even the poorest people will be smiling. It is the largest part of the magic beyond the Indian history and religion, it is just enough smile at someone for having a smile in return or a hand gesture on the part of children.
Many differences that make you hate the country swearing never to come back there or on the contrary, you fell in love ...
In any case, India can not be described, you must live it ...

One year work in India is a fabulous experience to try, it helps to discover many things, but still need be open-minded, have curiosity, a lot of autonomy and patience.
The low cost of living enables you to travel on the cheap and discover other cities, but you are sesperately short of time when you works, because the train trips usually last between 8 and 15 hours and flights are expensive.
After I spent one year in India,  I know I'll come back as a tourist, there's so much to see that I have not had time to see, however working in India for several years I do not know, it will depend on the expatriation  conditions negotiated with the company, because in India, everything is negotiable!
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