Mondassur wishes you a happy new year.

We wish you a happy new year 2021. It is difficult in this particular year to be very lyrical. The end of the tunnel is in 2021 nevertheless…

Protect yourself with barrier gestures, protect the environment through everyday gestures and political decisions

We welcome the real awareness of the environmental issues that are endangering our planet and humanity as a whole. We hope that this awareness and the words will be translated in the coming years into domestic political decisions of the various countries, including the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, in international bodies such as the next COP26 and in small daily gestures for all that are more than nothing and therefore beneficial.

Excellent health for you and bold projects

We wish you a golden health,a lot of love and tenderness to those you love today and tomorrow and the fulfillment of your most daring projects. More protections up to vaccination and collective immunity.

A big thank you for your trust and loyalty

We especially want to thank you for your trust and loyalty and hope to go a long way together. The entire Mondassur team will always listen to you to help you as best as possible and advise you on the best international insurance plans solutions.

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