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France: a destination of choice for foreign students

While France is the world’s leading tourist destination, it is also attracting more and more foreign students, becoming the third most popular destination in the world for foreign students and the first non-English-speaking destination. While Anglo-Saxon universities are not lacking in appeal, France manages to attract students through low tuition fees and quality education for […]


Testimony: Erasmus student in Denmark

Going to Denmark for a year as an Erasmus student was a possibility offered to me by my school for my third and final year. It was an unmissable opportunityto travel and see other cultures, things I have rarely had the opportunity to do before. I arrived at the beginning of August, a month before […]


Your international insurance to study in the USA

You are going to university in the United States and your university may require international student insurance that meets certain criteria.Mondassur explains to you to better understand the criteria of international student insurance for your university in the USA. Some examples of international student insurance criteria The insurer must be present in the USA, have […]


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