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Trend: Student mobility

Driven by increasing globalization, students are increasingly mobile and seek to develop their skills by completing their higher education abroad. This promotes the mobility of workers, who are used from an early age to evolve in different cultural contexts. The number of French expatriates aged from 18 to 25 has increased by 14% since 2008, […]


An expat’s story about Turkey

I arrived in 2000 in the izmir region, i had a seasonal work of 5 months in tourism. In 2002, I had a proposal (thanks to my network) for a long-term contract in another sector of activity. I wanted tosettle in Turkey so I took the opportunity! The main difficulty is the language. When you […]


Patricia Richer, top restaurant chef expatriate in Costa Rica

Mondassur met Patricia Richer, an expatriate in Costa Rica who opened a French restaurant in Costa Rica. She tells us about her experience of expatriation and her experience of the health care system in South America and specifically in Costa Rica. Why did you choose to move to Costa Rica? This is a question I […]


Your international insurance to study in the USA

You are going to university in the United States and your university may require international student insurance that meets certain criteria.Mondassur explains to you to better understand the criteria of international student insurance for your university in the USA. Some examples of international student insurance criteria The insurer must be present in the USA, have […]


Trend: Sustainable tourism

Find out how sustainable tourism can combine the need to protect our health and our environment during and after Covid. Let’s see the new ways to travel internationally!


The Obamacare Act Under Trump

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has said he will implement fundamental changes to the U.S. health insurance system. What is the Obamacare Act? The Obamacare Act, or Affordable Care Act -ACA,championed and enacted by Barack Obama, made health insurance mandatory for all Americans with a few exceptions. Beneficial for some, however, the law has […]


Brexit: consequences for students

No one has complete control over the direct consequences of Brexit at the moment, even though Theresa May seems strict about the flow of Migrants from Europeans to Britain. “The UK is an open and tolerant country, but the message from the people has been very clear: Brexit must control the number of Europeans coming […]


10 good reasons to move abroad

An estimated 2 million to 2.5 million French expatriates registered on the register of the French consulate abroad. In reality this figure is higher if you add up the non-registered people, to get closer to the 3 million French expatriates. More generally, as many as 230 million people living in a country other than their […]


How can I facilitate my expat procedures?

If you live abroad, you can register with the Register of French people living outside France if you wish. This is more simply called consularregistration. This registration makes it easier for you to do business abroad. How do I register for the Register of French people living outside France? You can do this either directly […]


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