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Temples, palaces, festivals, elephants... Visiting India offer a total escape, but you better prepare your itinerary beforehand. We selected 14 must-see cities and places to help you organize your trip. The best period to visit India is from November to February. And do not forget that visas are mandatory to enter India.


1 - Agra

Visit Agra, you will not regret it! There are plenty of beautiful places you should not miss in this city. Start with Taj Mahal, symbol of India, and continue your visit with the Red Fort, a UNESCO world heritage. To finish, do not miss the Fatehpur Sikri palace.

2 – Amritsar Golden Temple

This temple covered of gold is quite unknown, but it certainly is one of the most beautiful temple in India.


3 – Jaipur

Jaipur, also called the pink city, is one of the Indian most dynamic city. The Palace of Winds is the most famous place in Jaipur. It is part of the City Palace, where lives the current Maharaja and his family.

4 – Udaipur

It’s India’s Venice: lake, narrow and dynamic streets… It’s the most romantic city in India. Do not miss the palace in the lake that had been used in a James Bond movie.


5 – Navigate on the Ganges in Varanasi

Varanasi is a holy city in India, notably due to its river. Life and death meet there. Passing out in this city is a promise to access eternal life. But Indians also use the river to wash away the sins from their clothes and from themselves. Every night, during the Puja ceremony, the river is covered of lights and offerings to divinities.


6 – Ajanta

Here you can observe thirty caves in the cliff’s wall. These caves contain millennium Buddhist paintings. They are classified as UNESCO World Heritages.

7 – Kailash temple in Ellora

This temple is part of a complex of 64 monasteries. It’s the most spectacular of Ellora temples as it has been built in the cliff starting from its peak at 6714 meters of altitude. It is the highest monolithic structure in the world.

8 – Mumbai (or Bombay)

Mumbai is a must-see city, with a surprising architecture due to its Anglo-Saxon heritage. Warmth, trash, colors, noises, smells, mess, saris, turbans; you’ll know you are in India!

9 – Khajuraho

These temples are famous for their sculptures and erotic representations, with some surprising ones. It is worth visiting!

10 – Chittor Fort (Chittorgarh)

It is the biggest fort in India with 700 hectares. The Glory Towers are also quite impressive.

11 – National parks

There are plenty of popular national parks in India. The most famous ones are Keoladeao Nation Park (for birds) and Bandhavgarh National Park (for Bengal tigers). But there are also the beautiful and diversified Rajati and Chambal (known for its crocodiles). NB : we don’t advice you to make a ride with elephants. They are mistreated since they are babies.

12 – Kumbhalgarh: India’s Great Wall

It is the greatest wall in the world after China’s Great Wall. It is located near Udaipur, in a beautiful mountainous landscape.

13 – Minakshi Temple

This Hindu temple in Madurai is one of the most important in India. It is constantly crowded with the faithful. This temple is particularly remarkable for its vibrant colors, including in the galleries.

14– Delhi

Real melting-pot, this city counts 15 millions of inhabitants. There are lots of things to see in Delhi: Akshardham temple, Humayun grave, Gandhi’s last house, and Qutb Minar Minaret (the biggest one in India).

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