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Mexico! Noone is left indifferent when talking about this country. Everyone has a perception, sometimes scary – think organized crime and poor exploited peasants – sometimes positive: indeed, a country which invented Mariachis and Pinatas cannot be that bad. More seriously, you need to know something: the expatriates living in Mexico are among the luckiest human beings in the world, and here is why.

In Mexico, it is a celebration time all year long

First, Mexico benefits from a tropical climate, with warm, sunny winters and wildly hot summers. You will feel on holidays all year long. Speaking of which: you thought France had way too many bank holidays? Wait till you get to this very Catholic country where every single move Jesus, Mary or those around them made has to be celebrated.
As an expatriate, you will spend Christmas in a nice, sunny weather. And last but not least, Mexican foods and drinks lead you straight to Heaven. They even inspired Texas, up North, to invent Tex Mex food, the ultimate fusion food. Why did they not adopt Mexican food as it was? Because the U.S. is extremely jealous of it. God has planted his divine seeds in Mexican soil, giving tastiness and great variety in food that grows there.

You don’t know it yet, but you have already been adopted

With such a climate and a variety of celebrations all year round, expatriates have invented millions of get together. Whether at home, or in hotels and country clubs, socializing is one of the easiest parts of the voyage in Mexico. But we forget the most important thing: Mexicans themselves! These people are among the most welcoming people in the world. Even in the remotest, poorest village, you will be offered a couple of blue corn tortillas with red kidney beans and a glass of lime juice and kids will come and greed you with laughter and tiny gifts. Expatriates blend very easily with Mexicans. They take you into their homes, introduce you to their families, and invite you three or four times a month to celebrate something. Anything.

This is what Mexico feels like, from the very second you get there: it feels like home.

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