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Why and how to get a visa to visit China?

•    A visa is required to go to China: it will allow you to stay 60 days in the country. Visas are issued by Chinese embassies and consulates.

What do I have to do after getting my visa?

•    Once your visa has been obtained, make sure the dates on the document correspond to the dates of your stay. If you exceed the duration of stay granted by the visa, even unintentionally, you’ll have to pay a penalty between 50 and 500 euros.

Do I need a visa to go to Hong Kong or Macao?

•    If you go to Hong Kong or Macao directly from France, you don’t need a visa. However, if you want to go to China from one of these destinations, a visa is required. To obtain it, you must have a return ticket, a hotel reservation or a certificate of residence, and a proof of insurance. More information about different policies for travel insurance in China. Obtaining a visa takes about four days.

•    A double-entry visa will be required if you wish to travel from China to Hong Kong or Macao, and return later in the Chinese territory. A double-entry visa is valid for thirty days. The date "enter before" indicated on the visa sticker is the second entry on the territory.

Warning: Your Chinese visa does not allow you to go to Tibet. To visit this area, you must go through a tour operator in China with a government license.

Health Risks

Should I be vaccinated before going to China?

It is not compulsory to be vaccinated to enter the Chinese territory, however it is strongly recommended.
Primarily against tetanus and polio, but also diphtheria, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, and meningococcal disease.

Health Situation:

Chinese health status is not optimal, especially in the countryside. It is advisable to wash fruits and vegetables and take along their usual medications and antibiotics.
Protect yourself from mosquitoes (malaria affects Yunnan Province and Hainan Island) and avoid contact with wild or stray animals.

Road traffic:

The importance of road traffic in urban areas often results in accidents. It is strongly advised to take out comprehensive insurance to protect you from any complex litigation in case of injury.
Be careful and avoid driving at night.
Also note: the use of GPS is prohibited.

Climate Risks

Risks of typhoon:

•    China, Hong Kong and Macao are areas prone to typhoons, which usually occur between May and October (ten typhoons occur on average every year at this time). The public is kept informed effectively in an emergency through radio and television. You can be informed of weather forecast on the website of the China Meteorological Administration (in English and Chinese), and through the site (in French).

What should I do if an earthquake occurs?

•    China is a risk area in terms of seismic activity. If an earthquake happens, go to an open space away from buildings if you are outside. If you are inside, go away from windows and any object that could fall or tilt. Protect yourself by sitting under a sturdy table or stand under a doorway.

Other Risks

Theft and scams:

•    Be caution when traveling in tourist resorts and gatherings that take place for special events.
•    The Government's website also reports cases of soliciting and inciting consumption: a young person suggest you to go to a restaurant for cultural exchange. With the complicity of the restaurant, they will present to you an exorbitant bill. In this case, you can call the police.

Respect of Public Order:

•    Some behaviors can lead to deportation or a stay in detention.
•    Avoid fighting, do not be drunk in public and do not participate in a demonstration.
•    It is also prohibited to go in places of prostitution and drug use.

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