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Traveling to Senegal to live new experiences, to discover otherwise this country of West Africa. Enjoy an unforgettable travel stop in Dakar, the Senegalese capital teeming with life.

The sites and monuments to visit for a stopover in Dakar.

A mosque inspired by the mosque of Rabat. Make a detour to the Presidential Palace built by the sea, in the heart of tropical gardens. It was the residence of the governor of Dakar during the colonial period. Continue your walk to the Hôtel de Ville, a beautiful colonial building overlooking the harbor. Not far from the, Corniche offers breathtaking views of the islands of Gorée and the Magdalen Islands.

Several other sites trace the past of Dakar. In the district of Bel Air, near the beach of the Golden Veil, DISCOVER the catholic cemetery of Bel Air where stands Memorial to the dead of the UN the victims of the commemorating Senegalese battalion of the two Tireurs world wars. In the heart of the city, admire the Cathedral of African Remembrance with a square decorated with African frescoes. Take the time to also visit Sheikh University Anta Diop, the largest, plus the University of West Africa campus includes a university hospital buildings and the National Scientists School of Sanitary Development.

For lovers of culture and art, your cruise stopover in Dakar can be marked by the visit of the Arte Gallery located in the Avenue Abdoulaye Fafiga. This gallery presents permanent exhibitions of art and crafts with paintings, sculptures and African jewelry. While strolling in Mousse Diop street, make a stop in the arts café where several local painters exhibit their works. Also include in your program the Daniel Sorano National Theater, where traditional and contemporary concerts and African ballets are often held.

Excursions around Dakar

If the duration of your stopover cruise in Dakar allows you, go off to discover the island of Goree, a place steeped in history, classified as "World Heritage Site of Humanity". Located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 9 kilometers from Dakar, this small island recalls 350 years of history of slavery and slave trade. Several museums are located on the island of Gorée, including the House of Slaves museum, the museum of women and the museum of the sea. In the House of Slaves, plunge into the tumultuous past of the island discovering the shackles and chains to which the slaves were attached.
Another interesting excursion around Dakar is the visit of Lake Retba about 49 kilometers from the city. This vast lake is impressive with its pink hue that can change from blue to purple depending on the position of the sun.



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Découvrez Dakar, la porte d'entrée maritime du Sénégal

Le navire Le Champlain de la compagnie Ponant vous embarque pour vivre une croisière exceptionnelle à la découverte du Sénégal. Ce yacht de croisière moderne, baptisé en l'honneur de l'explorateur français Samuel Champlain, jette l'ancre au port de Dakar qui s'ouvre sur l'océan Atlantique. Situé sur la péninsule du Cape Verde, le port de Dakar est le point d'entrée maritime principal pour visiter le Sénégal. C'est une ville fascinante qui a su conserver ses traditions.

Pendant votre escale de croisière à Dakar, immergez-vous dans l'ambiance locale en explorant à pied la Médina où se côtoient de nombreux marchés d'épices, de fruits, d’encens… Faites un tour dans le fameux marché Tilène typiquement africain avec un espace dédié à la sorcellerie et à l'animisme où l'on vend des herbes médicinales, des graines, des poudres, des animaux séchés, des ossements et autres poudres de perlimpinpin. Visitez aussi le marché Sandaga qui est particulièrement animé avec ses échoppes de tissus colorés, d'objets artisanaux et de produits alimentaires.

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