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Before going to Indonesia, have you well prepared your trip ? Here are some information to help you organize your trip peacefully.

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In Indonesia, climate is warm and humid. Temperatures usually vary between 25 and 32°C (77 to 90°F).

There is a rainy season from October to April, when the humidity rate can reach up to 75%. Weather is notably humid in January and February.

The dry season lasts from May to October, when weather is more pleasant.

NB : Indonesian are in vacation in June and July, touristic places are therefore often crowded at this time.

Places to visit

Indonesia is a travel destination you will never get bored of. It presents an unlimited source of magnificent landscapes and places of interest that will keep you coming back to Indonesia.

Each part of Indonesia is full of treasures waiting for you to discover. Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi are the most touristic areas. But other locations are also to be visited.

Some reasons to travel in Indonesia…

Firstly, to dip into its nature:

Indonesia offers an endless range of beaches, volcanos, forests and rice fields to visit. Bali rice terraces, Tegallalang and Jatiluwih, are some of the most famous in Asia. Bromo Volcano and Kawa crater are also highly recommended places according to tourists in Java.

Indonesia is also well known for its dense forests where monkeys live in.

But also for its culture:

You will find numerous temples and meditation places in Indonesia. Borobudur (bouddhist) and Prambana (hindouist) temples are highly praised by tourists visiting Java. Bali’s Gunung Kawi vault also offers a peaceful and historical place for sightseeing.

Traditional dances are regularly interpreted in the different regions or Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to enquire about their schedule at your final destination.

Traditional food

Food is easily accessible in Indonesia. Indeed, you will find various foodservice locations with their own special dishes and large range of prices.

For smaller budget, take a look at street vendors (kaki lima) and street restaurants (warung). Prices vary from 12 000 to 25 000 rupiahs (1 to 2€). It may sometimes reach 40 000 rupiah (3€) in touristic places. Try out the well-known Mie Gireng (fried noodles in wok), Sate (meat skewers) and Soto (traditional soups).

Make sure to always choose cooked or boiled meals, in order to avoid any food poisoning. It is not recommended to eat raw food in Indonesia, your stomach might rebel against it.

In a more classical restaurant, cost for a meal is estimated to approximatively 5€ (75 000 rupiahs). This price might climb up to 8€ per person depending on the quality of the food and the restaurant’s location.

Hundreds of traditional meals are to be tasted in Indonesia. We recommend :

- Nasi Campar (rice and vegetables),

- Bebek Betutu (stuffed duck with spices baked on embers)

- Ikan bakar (grilled fish)

- and Rendang (curry beef with coco milk)

Tourist websites usually post articles on food specialties according to the region you visit (Java, Bali, Sumatra…). Enquire beforehand in order to enjoy the best of each as soon as you arrive.

Travel insurance

Be aware that the healthcare quality and cost might wisely vary according to the country you visit. Our article on Indonesian healthcare systemis there to inform you on the healthcare conditions in this country.

For a peaceful trip, don’t forget to arrange your travel insurance beforehand. It allows you to protect your family against any unexpected event and to enjoy your holidays with no worry.


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