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Traveling to Mexico to enjoy an exotic stay

Located in the southern part of North America, Mexico is a country that attracts thousands of travelers in search of discovery. Indeed, it is full of many tourist treasures that will stir the curiosity of lovers of culture. Mexico, the ancient land of the Spaniards is a beautiful destination for travel enthusiasts. The cultures and way of life out of the ordinary make this country unmissable. In addition, the natural sites of this territory are part of its strengths in tourism. With family, friends or solo, your stay will be unforgettable thanks to the activities to be done on site.
There is, for example, Cobá, the castle of Chapultepec. Apart from its sites of interest, this country has other assets to please backpackers. Moreover, it is a destination of choice for those who want to live a moment of idleness in its seaside towns as well as its paradise places for holidays. In addition, most hotels in this area have a spa and offer different activities. During a tour of Mexico, globe-trotters will enjoy several benefits. They will soothe, among other things, their stress.

Go to Mexico city: what to see in the country's metropolis?

Mexico City, the Mexican capital is a must-visit on a trip to Mexico. This bubbling city is one of the most populated cities in the world. Divided into several neighborhoods, in this megalopolis intermingle the modern look and charm of old stones. Historic places are to be explored to plunge into the past of the territory. The Templo Mayor is not to be missed. Ruins of buildings of the Aztec Empire and masterpieces of sculpture are on this archaeological site. This place is very important for Mexicans. In addition, the National Museum of Historia and the Castillo de Chapultepec are unmissable. It served previously as imperial palace. What sets it apart from other castles is its Napoleonic style and its decorated apartments. Similarly, Palacio de Bellas Artes is to furrow. It is a room dedicated to shows and theater.

Various activities to do in Mexico for idyllic moments

In addition to visiting cities and monuments, entertainment is part of the circuits in Mexico. For hiking or horseback, natural sites like Palmitosa and Calakmul offer the opportunity to practice. Endemic fauna and flora are also to be admired, like orchid varieties and different kinds of birds. In addition, the beaches of San Agustinillo are ideal for a change of scenery. Stressed with coconut palms, this address is among the most beautiful seaside destinations of the Pacific. Similarly, Yucatan is known for diving and snorkeling. By doing these activities, you can contemplate the country's aquatic treasures such as multicolored fish. By cons, do not miss to attend the Corrida during your visit to Mexico. Indeed, bullfights are very popular with Mexicans. They own the biggest stadium dedicated to the world in the metropolis.

Enjoy Mexican cuisine and typical dishes

Influenced by Spanish, African and Asian culinary preparations, Mexican cuisine is very varied. In addition, Mexicans are very important for breakfast. The latter consists of toast, fruit juice and eggs. As for the tortilla, it is the most famous recipe in the country. It is a kind of cake made from wheat or corn kernels. It is the base of many Mexican dishes such as taco, enchilada or quésadilla. For drinks, the most common are water, coffee and beer. In addition, sipping tequila is very popular with backpackers. Similarly for pulque and mezcal.

Some seaside resorts conducive to relaxation in Mexico

Mexico has many seaside resorts perfect for relaxing, one of the most fascinating is the city of PuertoVallarta. Located in the Bay of Banderas, this municipality presents a pleasant atmosphere because of its decor. It also has several beaches for relaxation.


Want to go to Mexico? You need some time to prepare your trip. Remember also that it is an absolut must to take out a travel insurance when you visit Mexico for different reasons. You will benefit from repatriation which is very important if you find yourself in secluded areas and you will have access to all medical facilities and not just only public ones which can become a real nightmare. We help you choose your health insurance for Mexico!

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