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Each year, Mauritius attracts more and more French citizens. Indeed, more than 10 000 French chose to settle on this island in the Indian Ocean which offers several benefits to expatriates beyond the paradise aspect known worldwide. Whether it be for retirement or for work, it is not a surprise that French families choose to expatriate themselves to this island.
Discover why so many French chose to go live in Mauritius.

ilemaurice mondassurThe Mauritian Culture

Mauritius, with its 1.3 million inhabitants, is a country rich in culture thanks to the population’s various origins and religions. Indo-Mauritian, Creole, Sino-Mauritian and white-Mauritian co-exist peacefully on the island. The local culture represents this diversity through a multitude of facets:


English is the official language of Mauritius and is used mainly in formal contexts (administration, law, parliament, etc.).
"Kreol morisyen", translated as Mauritian Creole, is the native language of Mauritians. This is the most used language by the Mauritian population for oral communication and is very easy to learn, especially for the French.
The French language is also commonly used by the Mauritian population, thus allowing an easy expatriation.


There is great respect for the customs and traditions in Mauritius. This is reflected through the holidays that are dedicated to several Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Chinese religious festivals. The Mauritian society clings to the values that they inherited from their ancestors coming from different backgrounds.


There is a very wide variety of dishes in Mauritius and the recipes were influenced by over 300 years of history. This rich cuisine is mainly derived from French, Indian, Chinese and African gastronomic styles. Herbs and spices are generally used in the recipes but we also find a wide selection of meals for those who are not very fond of spicy food. There are also chilies, mazavarou (chili paste) or chutneys to accompany the meal.
The cost of living in Mauritius

One of the main reasons which attract French in Mauritius is definitely the affordable cost of living. The Mauritian Rupee’s value is very low against the euro (€ 1 = approximately Rs40) already allows French citizens to have an important financial advantage when settling on the island.

Living in Mauritius is not a big challenge with housing options that start around € 200 to € 300 per month, a relatively low cost of transport, and food that is reasonably priced. However, for expatriates who wish to have a better quality of life and/or who have a family, they should prepare to spend at least € 2,500 per month but this budget takes into account personal car, children's education and leisure.
How to expatriate to Mauritius
There are several ways to live as an expat in Mauritius either to work or to enjoy your retirement.

Find a job

In order to work in Mauritius, you must have a work permit and a residence permit issued by the Ministry of Labour. This is only possible if the recruiter is a Mauritian company or a foreign company legally established in Mauritius.

Permanent Resident status

This status allows you to reside, work and buy a property as an individual in Mauritius provided that you meet one of the following conditions:
• You have a Mauritian spouse residing in Mauritius
• You are an investor in Mauritius since at least 3 years with annual revenues equal or greater than Rs 15 million (approximately € 375,000)
• You are an individual entrepreneur in Mauritius since at least 3 years with annual incomes equal or greater than Rs 3 million (approximately € 75,000)

Investing in real estate

This option is popular with foreigners who wish to enjoy their retirement in a paradisiac setting or wish to have a second home to spend their holidays. The "Integrated Resort Scheme" IRS and "Real Estate Scheme" RES are two schemes available for foreign nationals who wish to acquire a property on Mauritian soil.

Health insurance for expatriates

Mauritius is certainly a destination that makes us dream but we should also think about health coverage. To better cover yourself in case of any disaster, Mondassur offers insurance policies specifically designed for expatriates. Guarantees that cover medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation are essential when you want to live abroad. Visit our website for a free quote or feel free to contact our customer service on +33 (0) 1 80 87 57 80, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 18pm.

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