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Mauritius has become in recent years a land of expatriation thanks to its climate, its business opportunities and its political stability.


• Cost of living:

The cost of living in Mauritius is lower than in Europe but higher than in the Maghreb or Asia. Imported products are excessively expensive, it is better to buy fruits and vegetables in the local markets than in supermarkets.

• Work in Mauritius:

Tourism is the most recruiting sector in Mauritius. The free zone has also created many job opportunities, particularly in the off-shore services sector. To find a job in Mauritius, it is recommended to consult the job offers on the internet before your departure. Word of mouth works also very well.

• Accommodation:

Prices depend on many criteria such as the location of the property, the quality of construction and the services that are offered. The purchase price of a property or a rental are generally lower than in France. A family accommodation in tourist areas will cost you 400 to 700 euros, and more than double at the seaside. You can rent directly or through a real estate agency. The agency fees are shared between the landlord and the tenant.

• Education:

There are many French and international schools. However, tuition fees are expensive. It is important to apply for a scholarship.

• Eating habits:

Mauritius is one of the countries where you can eat the healthiest products. You can envisage a budget of 250 € of food expenses per week for 4 people. The restaurants are quite expensive (minimum 20 €), but if you opt for a local restaurant, you can eat for 1 to 2 €.

• Driving in Mauritius:

The speed is limited to 40 km / h in the city, 80 km / h on roads and 110 km / h on motorways. The rate of fatal accidents is high. The main roads are relatively good, and the secondary roads are very narrow.
The French license is recognized in Mauritius. You can get a Mauritian license from The Traffic Office in Port Louis after the presentation of your French license, the Mauritian license can be renewed every year.

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