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There are 57 million people living in South Africa. The country hosts expatriate communities, such as Belgians, French, Germans, Dutch, Australians or Americans and refugees from other African countries. Considering the relatively high cost of healthcare in South Africa, you should definitely take out an international health insurance. What you should know before moving to South Africa:

Job :

It is difficult to find a job in South Africa for an expatriate, because priority for employment is given to South Africans. So, to find a job in South Africa, it's important to have sharp skills and speak fluent English.

We advise you to apply for jobs that are part of the "critical skills" list, particularly in computer science, engineering, and information technology.

School education:

The South African education system is divided into three parts: General Education and Training, Further Education and Training, and Tertiary and Higher Education. The first ten years are mandatory.

The "matric year" is the year when students prepare the equivalent of the baccalaureate and their entrance to the university.

There are different international schools in South Africa for international expat persons, so you will not have any difficulties to find the one that suits you best.


Rental prices differ between cities like in many countries around the globe and it is more expensive to rent an apartment in a city like Cape Town which is one of the nicest cities in South Africa. The rent of a 3-room apartment in downtown Cape Town costs around € 1,400 per month. Count 600 € for the same type of property in Pretoria.

It is advisable to use, as a first step, a short-term rental the time to take your marks and choose the accommodation that suits you best.

Cost of life :

South Africa is one of the countries with a low cost of living in the world. The latter is around 50% lower than in Europe.

However, imported products such as cars and electronic products are more expensive than in Europe.

To reduce your expenses in South Africa, it is advisable to take out international health insurance to be covered and not have to pay big health costs in case of problems.

Driving in South Africa:

The first specificity to remember when driving in South Africa is that driving is on the left.

The South African roads are generally well maintained, so it is quite easy to move from one city to another in the country. But the traffic is sometimes dense in the big cities and around.

The controls are not frequent, but the penalties are, for their part, rather heavy. The speed is limited to 60km / h in the city, 100km / h on the non-urban axes and 120km / h on the motorways.

If you want to settle in South Africa, you can drive with your international driver's license, provided it is fully translated into English. This translation must be done by an official translator and validated by your country's Consulate General of Cape Town.

Eating habits :

South Africa has inherited a good number of Anglo-Saxon habits. Breakfast is hearty with eggs and bacon, lunch is light, and dinner is served around 6 pm.

South African cuisine is inspired by Dutch, English and Oriental recipes. Mainly meat, corn mash with tomato sauce, some vegetables and chutney.

Life in South Africa
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