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French expatriates in Morocco: French expatriates are mainly settled in Casablanca (20,752 people) and Rabat (10,095 people). There are 7,958 in Marrakech, 4,236 in Agadir, 3,446 in Fez and 2,708 in Tangier.  They work mainly in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

- The cost of living:

Life in Morocco is not so cheap. While food is relatively affordable, especially in traditional markets, the price of housing remains high.

Rents are more expensive in Casablanca than in Boston. In Marrakech, the price of real estate is similar to the prices practiced in Western Europe.

For small budgets, it is advisable to focus on smaller cities.


- Education in Morocco:

There is a very large and extensive network of schools, colleges and high schools belonging to the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE): 22 institutions in direct management and 12 in partnership.

Tuition fees are quite high, but it is possible to apply for a scholarship to offset some of these costs.


- Find a job:

Morocco has a labor market that is accessible to French whose diplomas are particularly appreciated.

However, finding a job in Morocco requires time. It is therefore advisable to spend a moment on the spot to forge a professional network.

Before leaving, you can contact companies directly by applying on internet.

Some 1,000 French companies are located in Morocco. There are therefore real opportunities for French people wishing to work in Morocco in a French company.


- Working in Morocco without speaking Arabic:

Since Morocco is a Francophile country, it is not compulsory to speak Arabic.

However, knowledge of the language, or at least the acquisition of basic notions, can be useful.

CVs and cover letters are generally written in French.


- Work permit in Morocco:

Any French wishing to work in Morocco must register within fifteen days of the date of entry and obtain a residence permit from the Moroccan authorities.

Synonymous with work permit in Morocco, this residence card has a period of validity of one year renewable.


- Driving in Morocco:

It is possible to drive in Morocco with a French license for 1 year. Beyond, it must be exchanged for a Moroccan driving license.

You have to be cautious on the roads, the accidents are frequent and the mortality rate is high on the Moroccan roads.

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