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Germany has many advantages to offer to French expatriates, especially Germanophiles. Germany attracts by its economic prosperity, its geographical proximity, and by the large number of French companies which are installed there. The most attractive German regions are Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia with a special mention for Berlin, which in recent years has attracted high-tech companies and start-ups.

Mondassur informs you about the essential points to facilitate your expatriation in Germany.

Work in Germany

The tertiary sector is the largest employment sector in Germany. Education, health, science, research and development, automotive and agriculture are the areas that are hiring the most.

French salespeople are particularly appreciated for export and in marketing and distribution related professions. French engineers also enjoy an excellent reputation in the high technology and telecommunications sectors.

Applications are usually made in writing. Before a first interview, it is advisable to prepare your file: CV, copies of diplomas and work certificates.


Schooling in Germany is compulsory for all children from 6 years old. Education in Germany promotes individual development, the goal is to train well-rounded children who are able to develop their personalities and talents.

Germany has focused on learning, which explains why a large number of schoolchildren are moving towards RealSchule, a more professional sector than the Gymnasium, rather perceived as a general high school which then allows access to the 'university.

International schools are numerous in Germany because of the strong presence of expatriates in family. French schools are numerous and each major city has a French school from primary to high school.

The rhythm of the school in Germany is to concentrate the classes in the morning until 13h and to allow then the activities and the leisures of the children.


Rents in Germany are generally lower than in France, but vary greatly from one city to another. Rents in Berlin and some cities in the west are much cheaper than in Munich, champion of the high price of real estate in Germany. The average rent is 9 € / m2 in Berlin and 12 € / m2 in Munich. The owners usually ask for a deposit of 1 to 3 months, returned at the time of departure.

Cost of life 

The cost of living in Germany varies from one city to another, but generally remains lower than in France. Prices of food products are generally lower than those of France.

Transport is more expensive in Germany than in France and the price of electricity is quite high.

Health in Germany

The health costs are comparable with those of France with notable differences in the health system that offers a public system and a private system. It is therefore important to take out a health insurance Germany before you leave to be well covered and once there, you will have the choice between a public or private medical insurance offering better refunds.

It is important to make the choice as soon as you arrive so that you can anticipate the best medical coverage solution for you.

Eating habits 

The German cuisine is simple and traditional, based on potatoes, cabbage, and pork.

As in the Anglo-Saxon countries, breakfast is hearty in Germany. Lunch is fast and dinner is quite early, between 6pm and 7pm.

Germany is also the country of beer, and each region has its own. White, blonde or brown, there is something for everyone!


Life in Germany
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