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According to the Expat Insider’s survey from 2017, Cambodia ranked 4th in the top ten most welcoming countries for foreign residents.

Does it make you want to go to Cambodia? Here are some information about daily life on-site.


Security in Cambodia

Security rate is highly satisfying in Cambodia.

Nonetheless, cases of robbery and of scams targeting tourists have been notified in the big cities. Pay extra attention to pickpockets during festivals and on touristic spots.

If you choose to buy or to rent a vehicle, make sure you subscribe a liability insurance. It should cover both perpetrated and suffered damages. As Cambodian people do not necessary subscribe their own insurance, drivers frequently fail to stop and report accidents.

Generally avoid tape water and beverages with ice cubes.


Expatriates usually choose to live in Phnom Penh (Daun Penh), Battambang, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. These areas also concentrate the majority of foreign companies settling in Cambodia.

In order to find a housing, we advise you to turn to other expatriates when you arrive to Cambodia. If you can’t find it this way, visit a real estate agency. Its fees will cost you about a half-month of rental.

To get a lease agreement, you may need a visa for a year. Indeed, landlords usually prefer long-term leases. You will have to present your passport and a witness to sign the contract. Both your witness and you might have to press your thumbprints on the contract after signature.

Remember to attach a check-in inventory to the lease agreement.

The longer the lease, the more you can negotiate the rental price. The deposit amount usually equals to 1 or 2 months of rental. The first rental has to be paid in advance.

Do not forget to ask what services are included in the rent (internet, phone, TV…). It is also usually a good idea to ask for the dates of garbage collection in your building. It may be cheaper to pay your electricity fees directly to the company instead of your landlord. If you have any doubt, ask other expatriates on-side to know the usual fees for these services.

Foreigners are not allowed to buy lands or real properties in Cambodia.


The national language in Cambodia is Khmer. Therefore, classes in public schools are delivered in this language.

School system is as follow:

- Elementary school lasts 6 years and ends with a national exam that allows students to enter middle school.

- Middle and high school last for 3 years each.

Once they obtained an A grade, students can get rid of entrance fees for all universities. B and C grades allow them to access a scholarship for university education.

There are really good international (English speaking) universities in every big cities in Cambodia.

Do not hesitate to check your Embassy website to find the schools that follow your country’s educational program in Cambodia.

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