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Should we take a travel insurance to stay in Mexico? If it is not necessary to take an insurance for your academic exchange, you have to notice that an insurance will make easier you daily life.

While the medical costs are not expensive at all in Mexico, they can increase quickly for important care or if you prefer to consult in private clinics. To make the best choice, you can find here some advice to know which insurance is the best for your trip in Mexico.

Why you should subscribe to a travel insurance before you trip ?

You need to subscribe to an insurance before you trip in Mexico for several reasons. First, it will advance all the cost and will take over all medical expenses and repatriation costs. If you plan to rent a car, you must take out liability insurance abroad for the damage you may cause to others. You also ned to take out a cancellation insurance on ticket reservations, baggage insurance in case of loss or theft. You will receive a compensation between 1000 and 2000 euros based on the formulas. It’s the case for specific assurance for extreme sports such as base jumping or extreme motorcycle.

If you have a credit card

Whether you have a MasterCard or VISA card you should know that you already have a travel insurance for you and your family. However, this insurance cover only a part of medical expenses and it is limited to 90 days. Plus to be able to benefit from it, you must pay your tickets with these cards. In other words if you wish to take advantage of a full coverage for your medical expenses during your travel, the good option is to subscribe to a travel insurance.

You also need to know that Mexico is not covered by the European Health Insurance Card or CEAM.

The points to consider before choosing a travel insurance

If you need to subscribe a travel insurance before going in Mexico, you have first to check if it is available in 24/7 and every day of the year ; above all by phone. You must also make a comparison with the treatment costs and care costs. Do not forget the issue of options.

Once you are there, you should give as much information to your insurance company. It is recommended to always carry certification with you in case of problems.

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