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The Thailand is a wonderful and exotic country, full of secrets and traditions to be discovered. The "country of the smile" is well known by its bright sun, its beautiful beaches and its magic temples. It is not surprising that today, the Thailand welcomes about 7 millions expats from the whole world. What to know before going in Thailand

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So that you can be completely delighted your experience in Thailand, here is our 4 essential advice :

1. Respect the culture

As everywhere where you go, the respect for the culture is essential. For you integrate into it more easily, interested you in this culture and its traditions. Keep in mind to remain calm has an essential importance for all the Thais. Then get angry in public or to speak loudly too much will not help you to find solutions to your problem. 

The head is considered as the most sacred part of the body. The Thais say that the head is the real seat of the soul. So, never touch the head of a Thai person, especially a child.
The foot, on the other hand, is considered as the dirtiest part of the body. For that reason, never touch things with your foot. It is especially forbidden to put the foot on the Thai currencies, as we can see the image of the head of king there.

2. Take the right health insurance

The Thailand is an exotic country, so, several diseases rage on its whole territory. The private insurances in Thailand remain a niche favored for the rich people of the Thailand. We recommend to the expatriates in Thailand to choose an international quality health insurance, as GoldExpat.

The insurance for expatriates GoldExpat guarantees the coverage of your health care.
The dental treatment and the optical expenses are proposed optional. With an insurance GoldExpat, you can take advantage of the best services in the private hospitals and not to put your health in danger.
The insurance GoldExpat covers you to 100% fully the expenses of maternity. Expenses linked to pregnancy and in the childbirth are very high abroad, it is better to be covered to avoid all the risks.
With the insurance GoldExpat you are insured during your stays in France and during your holidays all over the world. You can thus take advantage of the life and travel in all the countries in complete safety without worrying you about your insurance.
Besides, GoldExpat also exists in insurance expatriates complementary CFE who is also flexible according to your needs.

3. Look after your appearance

The appearance was always important in the Thai culture. The Thais are very worried about their appearance. It is bound to the fact that a good appearance is a shape of respect to his interlocutors according to them.
The Thai company becomes less indulgent to people who have a dirty appearance and not ironed clothes. The Thais can judge your appearance and make conclusions by basing itself on your clothing style. So, there is a real worship of the appearance in Thailand. The razor, the deodorant and the make-up owe future of the omnipresent objects in your everyday life.

4. Avoid dishes unknown

Certain Thai restaurants do not arrange menus in English. Some restaurants are going to propose you menus with photos, but pay attention! Traditional dishes can be very difficult to digest for non-initiated. Certain Thai dishes, can cause a disease of the stomach, in particular, Kai Yiew Ma (eggs kept in horse urine) or Goong Ten (a salad with alive shrimp)


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