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Studying abroad can be one of the best decisions of your life. You will discover a new culture, another language and meet people from all over the world!


Looking forward to studying in France but a bit anxious about administrative formalities? Do not panic, here are the key steps and a timetable to register for a university in France:

Steps Before your arrival to study in France


Step 1. Take the language exams (September - November)

Check with the student affairs department of the universities you are interested in. You must pass the DELF B2 to enrol in the License and the DALF C1 for the Master and PhD.

If your curriculum is oriented internationally, you need to prove your English skills. Most universities require the C1 level in English which can be justified by the international TOEFL or IELTS certificate.

NB: The results for IELTS and TOEFL are valid for 2 years after the exam.


Step 2. Prepare the necessary documents (October-December)

Although the requirements vary from one university to another, the following documents are generally required to register for a university in France:

•          Language certificates (in French and in English)

•          Certificate of completion of secondary education (equivalent of the baccalaureate)

•          Grades of all graduate years

•          Letters of recommendation

•          The motivation letter

•          CV or resume

•          Photocopies of your passport

Note that if your document is written in a language other than French, you will need sworn translations of your documents.


Step 3. Apply

The procedure is done by post or online. It varies from one nationality to another, find out directly from the university student affairs department.


Step 4. Receive the letter of acceptance (March-June)

Once you have sent all the documents, you must wait for the letter of acceptance from the French university. In this letter there will be all the information relating to your registration.


Step 5. Purchase international student insurance for France

If you come from an area outside the EU, you are not covered in France. If you are a student at the university, you will be covered as soon as you register. However, sometimes you have to wait before finalizing your administrative registration. If so, it is better to apply for an international student insurance in advance in France.

Warning! If you register for a language course, you must apply for an international student insurance in France to obtain your visa.

Mondassur offers a comprehensive insurance tailored to your needs, meeting the requirements of student visa in France with a very good price-coverage ratio: Europe Access Studies.

This insurance covers hospitalization, consultations, analysis and prescription at 100% of actual costs *.

The advantages of the Student Insurance: Europe Access Studies:

•          Insurance in compliance with Schengen Visa and Long Stay Visa requirements

•          Coverage throughout the European Union

•          Reimbursement of medical expenses and hospitalization at 100%

•          Repatriation assistance

•          Liability and Accident Capital

•          Medical assistance platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

•          Immediate issue of the membership certificate

* based on French social security convention rates

Requirements for student visa insurance (language courses, studies) in France:

•          Letter with letterhead from an insurance company, on behalf of the applicant, indicating the country (s) covered, duration, validity, including medical care, hospitalization and repatriation valid for all Schengen States

•          Medical benefits of at least 30.000 €

It is very important to choose a student insurance in France that has all these criteria, such as Europe Access studies, the duration and validity of your student visa in France will depend on your student insurance.


Step 6. Pass the Campus France interview (May - July)

Once you have obtained your letter of acceptance at a university in France, make the appointment for the interview with Campus France of your country. This interview verifies your motivation to study in France.


Step 7. Apply for your student visa for France (June - July)

Once you have passed the Campus France interview, apply for the student visa at the French Embassy. Terms and documents are available on the official website of the French Embassy in your country. The visa fee is around 100 euros.


Steps once in France for studying

Step 8. Send the letter to the OFII (September)

Your long-stay visa is only valid if it has been validated by the OFII. As soon as you arrive in France, you must:

1. Complete the form entitled "OFII certificate application" which has been delivered to you with your visa

2. Send this form to the OFII as soon as you arrive in France

NB! It is inadvisable to change the home address when filing your OFII form.

Step 9. Make the final registration at the university in France (September)

Come to the university with all your documents to finalize your administrative and educational registration. The letter of acceptance from your university in France is compulsory to be registered.

Step 10. The appointment at the Prefecture of your place of residence (October-November)

In two or three months following the sending of the letter to the OFII, you will obtain the convening notice from the prefecture. An OFII sticker will be affixed to your passport. The sticker authorizes you to reside in France until the end of validity of your visa.

Do not forget to take out a student medical insurance for France that covers you at 100% of actual costs! Our guarantees are exceptional with medical coverage adapted for studies in France. Save money while enjoying Long Stay Visa insurance!


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