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You would like to live in Indonesia but you have no idea on your future healthcare expenses? Here are listed all the information you need to understand the healthcare system in Indonesia.


Healthcare system in Indonesia

Back to January 2014, Indonesia instaured a statutory social security system under the name of Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional(JKN). It was made to face the increasing need of health insurance for Indonesian people.

Nonetheless, this system only covers the Indonesian population and for a very limited amount. Foreigners thus have to arrange their own insurance for the length of their stay.

Moreover, health centers are unequally distributed depending on the area you live in. Bali and Jakarta offer the largest diversity of cares and benefit from better healthcare conditions (notably in terms of equipment).

In case you would suffer from severe sickness or accident, we also recommend you to subscribe to a repatriation insurance. Therefore, you will be able to move to higher quality hospitals responding to international healthcare standards (home country or Singapour).

Recommanded vaccination

The French Pasteur Institut advises people travelling or settling in Indonesia to make sure to keep the following vaccines up to date:

Hepatitis A: one injection fifteen days before leaving, followed by a second booster 1 to 3 years later.

Hepatitis B (long stay): two shots within a month interval, followed by a third booster 6 months later.

Other vaccines might be necessary according to your residential area in Indonesia: Japanese encephalitis, rabies, typhoid… We recommend you to contact your local doctor for better advises before you leave for Indonesia.

Cases of polio has been notified in Java and Sumatra, contact your doctor if you plan to visit these locations.

Sanitary risks

Malaria, dengue and zika virus are present in Indonesia. Protect yourself from mosquito bites through simple habits: use repulsive products, wear long clothes on night time, don’t keep stagnant water near your house, and mind to turn on the fan on night.

During dry season, from May to November, forest fires may increase the risk for air pollution. We recommend you wear a mask during that time and to contact your doctor in case of respiratory issues.

Other sanitary risks exist, but you can easily avoid them. Limit raw food consumption (generally avoid raw meat and fish). For hydration, prefer sealed bottles.

Estimated healthcare costs

According to the Union for the French Abroad, the price for medical consultations is estimated as follow:

For a general practitioner, it would cost around 250 000 rupiahs (approximatively 16$)

For a specialist: between 350 000 and 1 400 000 rupiahs (ap. 22 to 91$)

With a foreign (French) doctor’s advice: 450 000 rupiah (ap. 30$)

At home: 2 000 000 rupiahs (ap. 130 $)

Prices sensibly vary according to the medical center you choose, whether you own a KITA or not, and your origins.

For example, cost to repair a broken leg is estimated to 6 to 15 million rupiahs (392 to 980 $) for an Indonesian. But it is a common practice to double this price for foreigners.

Private centers also present higher prices than public hospitals.

Therefore, it is recommended for you to enquire on the total cost of hospitalization (admission, care, treatment…) beforehand.

The prices mentioned previously may certainly seem lower than those performed in your home country. But keep in mind that without an efficient health insurance, you will be charged for their entirety.

An international health insurance will definitely ease your hospital admission and will cover your fees from the first dollar spent.  

How to find a doctor near you?

Several websites can localize healthcare centers and doctors near you : International SOS , Globaldoctor, or even Medistra (private centers).

Choose a health insurance responding to your needs

Before you leave for Indonesia, remember to subscribe a health insurance that will cover all your unexpected expenses.

Contact Mondassur sales advisors to get a free and tailored quote on health insurance in Indonesia.

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