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The Moroccan health system has evolved in recent years.

Health care in the public sector is affordable, but not efficient in some areas. Hospitals in big cities are well equipped and offer an acceptable service.
Health care in the private sector is excellent and expensive.


The equipment is modern and well maintained. In addition to basic services (general medicine, dentistry ...), specialized services are also available: dialysis, radiology, ultrasound, MRI, scanner, rehabilitation...

The quality of the private service is comparable to France, but with lower costs.
However, in the case of an operation or other interventions requiring special care, it is recommended to go to France.


General practitioner’s consultation fees are between 18 and 27 €, and between 23 and 36 € for a specialist.
The drugs’ prices are comparable or lower than those practiced in France. For dental care or implants, prices are 40% cheaper than in France.

Social Security coverage:

There is a bilateral agreement between Morocco and France that facilitates the movement of residents of both countries.
It is particularly distinguished by the principle of benefits and acquired rights export.
Thus, a beneficiary of the French Social Security will benefit without delay from the Moroccan Social Security system.

Local Social Security:

In Morocco, every citizen is required to subscribe to the basic medical coverage called Compulsory Medical Insurance (AMO).
Employees and retirees in the Moroccan public sector are affiliated to the National Fund of Social Security Funds (CNOPS), while those in the private sector are affiliated to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS).
There is a social security agreement between France and Morocco that facilitates your transfer of French organizations to a Moroccan national fund.

Health insurance:

Local compulsory health insurance provides access to adequate reimbursements to access the public health care system.
However, it is not sufficient to benefit from a correct coverage rate for private sector.
It is therefore recommended to subscribe a private insurance as of the 1st Euro, or health insurance in addition to the CFE.

Benefits of the expatriate health insurance in Morocco:

• Paying for your health costs in the private sector
• Repatriation to France or a neighbor country for major interventions
• Possibility of choosing a trusted doctor and a referenced health facility

It is possible subscribe an expatriate health insurance from Morocco. However, it is strongly recommended to do this before your departure from France, in order to benefit from its advantages as soon as possible.

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