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Regarded as the most developed country on the African continent, South Africa attracts more and more expatriates every year through its political stability, economic growth, and business climate. So, if you want to settle in South Africa, here are some administrative steps to complete before you leave.

Short stay visa:

Within the framework of a stay of less than 90 days, some country are exempt from visa and can travel in South Africa on presentation of a valid passport. There are countries which are required to apply for visas but are exempt from visa fees, e.g. India, Colombia, Mexico.

Work in South Africa:

According to the South African immigration law, any foreigner wishing to work in South Africa, including persons whose nationality does not require a visa for stays of less than 90 days, must apply for a work that fits his profile.

- General work permit

The application for this permit must include a confirmation that the foreigner has the qualifications required by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and confirmation of his professional experience.

It must also be attached to the application proof that a job advertisement was posted in the national press less than 3 months before the job offer. This announcement must meet certain criteria provided by South African law.

- Work permit based on particular skills

South African legislation allows for a work permit for people with special "critical skills".

The application must be accompanied by a letter from a foreign or South African State Department, or an academic authority, which confirms these specific skills. A letter of recommendation from former employers, a thesis or other publications attesting to these skills must also be included.

- Relocation to an international company

Foreign employees wishing to work in a South African subsidiary of their company may apply for a work permit for a period of 2 years, but can not obtain a permanent residence permit.

Starting a business in South Africa (the business visa):

The South African government tends to attract domestic and foreign investors. Several incentives have been provided for development finance, investment support, employment promotion, and SME subsidies. As a business visa applicant, you will need to provide an exact amount of your capital. With regard to the documents to provide, here is the list:

- Form BI-1738 duly completed and signed

- Certificate issued by an accredited accountant recognized by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, certifying that you have a minimum amount to invest in South Africa. This amount is determined by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The document also certifies that you agree that at least 60% of the employees of your company be of South African nationality, and register with all the administrations regulating companies in South Africa.

- A certificate of clean criminal record.

- A letter of recommendation approving the feasibility of your company and the interest of it for the Republic of South Africa

International Health Insurance

Before going to South Africa, you also need to think about your healthcare coverage. To better cover you in case of disaster, Mondassur offers international health insurance plans. Guarantees covering medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation are essential when you want to live abroad. You can now make an online quote for health insurance for South Africa or contact our Mondassur advisors per phone, whatsapp or skype.


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