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Visas : 

Holders of French passports do not need a visa to travel to Morocco for stays of less than three months.

Admission to Moroccan territory is no longer possible on the presentation of the national identity card.


Food and drinks:

- The distribution of drinking water is ensured in all Moroccan cities

- Avoid the consumption of raw or undercooked food products (fish, meat, poultry, milk)

- Peel or wash fruits and vegetables carefully

 - Avoid drinking alcohol in public areas


No vaccination is required but some vaccinations are recommended.

Vaccinations against hepatitis B, rabies, and typhoid are recommended for long or repeated stays.

Local diseases:

The most common diseases in Morocco are: meningitis, hepatitis B, measles, HIV in tourist sites, cutaneous leishmaniasis, rabies,... Scorpion and jellyfish stings, and snake bites.

Health system and insurance:

There is a public health system in Morocco, even if it is not efficient. Employers have the obligation to affiliate their employees to the National Social Security Fund. But many employees take additional coverage. This allows them to have access to better health care in case of problem.

Expatriates can subscribe to the fund of the French abroad (CFE). Thus, they will benefit from French health coverage in Morocco. However, it is highly recommended to take a supplement to the CFE, that serves only as a basic social security and refunds small amounts.

The private sector is well developed in Morocco. It is composed of city doctors, specialists, private clinics. The health care that is provided by the private sector is better, but the prices are higher.

An international health insurance has many advantages: you can choose care the establishment or the doctor without being limited to a specific network. The health costs can be fully reimbursed (depending on the terms of your health insurance contract).

Social Security Agreement:

France and Morocco have a bilateral social security agreement: if you are an employee of a French company, you can benefit from the French social security system and you are exempt from local social security contributions.

Best time to visit Morocco:

The country is at its most beautiful in spring. It is also lovely in Autumn when temperatures are very pleasant.

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