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• Brazil Working-Holiday Visa (WHV):

The WHV agreement between France and Brazil was signed in December 2013 and entered into force on March 2018.
This agreement allows French citizens to remain in Brazil for one year as tourists and work legally during their stay.

To obtain the WHV, you must respect the following criteria:

- To be a French citizen between 18 and 30 years old,
- have sufficient financial resources (2500 € minimum),
- provide an extract from a clean criminal record and an act of birth,
- have a return ticket,
- submit a CV, a cover letter, and a medical certificate of good health,
- make a declaration on honor to prove that the purpose of the trip is in accordance with the objectives of the program,
- not be accompanied by dependent children,
- have a full health insurance for the length of your stay.


Applying for the Working Holiday visa:

The WHV visa is free, and is for French citizens who have not yet benefited from this kind of program.
You can apply for a WHV online on the website of the Brazilian Consulate in Paris. Then you get a number called "Protocolo". You must submit to the consulate the application form and all supporting documents within 30 days of printing the "Protocolo"

The formalities of stay:

You must register with the federal police station of your place of residence within 30 days of your arrival in Brazil. Those wishing to work must apply for a work permit (Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social) from an agency of the Labor Ministry.

• Work in Brazil:

Finding a job in Brazil without speaking a word of Portuguese is almost impossible. English is not a language widely used in everyday life or in the professional world.
Portuguese is primarily a prerequisite for hiring, even in sectors where the language of communication is officially English. Speaking Portuguese is therefore a guarantee of a safer and faster professional integration.

The labor market is very restricted to foreigners. Brazilian legislation requires the hiring of a Brazilian rather than a foreigner. Beyond a threshold of 2/3 of Brazilian employees, the request can be formulated jointly by the company and the job seeker. And again, it is necessary that the company justifies the foreigner’s specific skills that a Brazilian could not have.
Choosing to join a French company based in Brazil may facilitate the process, but it will still be complicated.

• Internship in Brazil:

A "student-trainee" visa can be issued to a student wishing to complete an internship from 6 months to one year in Brazil. It is renewable once for the same period.
The company will have to write a letter stating that the trainee will not sign a work contract and will not receive any remuneration.

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