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Cambodia experiences a 7% economic growth per year, with two thirds of its exports going to Europe and North America. Urban areas are progressively growing and market opportunities seem to appear.

If not for economic reasons, then Cambodian culture and landscapes may convince you to visit this fascinating country. Do not hesitate to travel to Cambodia to discover it before settling in.


Visa exemptions for Cambodia

Unless you are an ASEAN citizen, you are not eligible for visa exemption.

Nonetheless, in case you were not able to obtain your visa on time, it is possible to demand it directly at the airport (Phnom Penh or Siem Reap). Required documents are the same as those asked for the visa application in your home country. Therefore you must have all the documents with you when you arrive in Cambodia.

We still recommend you to get you visa beforehand in order to avoid any unnecessary stress or unfortunate event. Cambodian embassies are usually relatively fast to deliver visas.

/!\ Citizens from the following countries can not apply for a visa in airports, and therefore must obtain it before leaving their home country : Afghanistan, Algeria, Saoudit Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Irak, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Soudan and Nigeria.

Required documents for all visa applications

All visa applications must present the following documents:

- Your original passport as well as a copy. It has to still be valid for 6 months after your date of exit from Cambodia.

- The visa application form that you can find on the Cambodian Embassy website for your country.

- A recent ID picture, stuck on the application form.

You must be able to present your airplane round-trip tickets for Cambodia in order to board in. They are the proof of your length of stay in the country.

Short stay visas in Cambodia

               Tourist visa (T)

This visa allows you to enter Cambodian once in the 3 months following its delivery. It authorizes you to stay up to 30 days in the country. It can be extended once, for another 30 days. This extension can be made at the Ministry of Interior’s Foreign Department in front of Phnom Penh airport.

In France, this visa can be obtained after 48 hours. Check the Cambodian Embassy website to know more about the visa delivery process in your home country.

You might want to check if a tourist e-visa for Cambodia exists for citizens from your country.

               Courtesy visa (C)

This visa may be provided to public figures or to people working with NGOs. Your mission must support cooperation between countries and have a non-profit purpose. In addition, supplementary documents have to be provided by your organization and by the corresponding Cambodian administrations.

This visa can be renewed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Phnom Penh) if your mission has to be extended.

               Diplomatic and service visa

You must hold a diplomatic or service passport. This visa also requires a diplomatic note or an official engagement letter from a competent administration.

It is delivered for free for stays lasting less than 90 days. If you need to extend your visa, turn to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Phnom Penh). The administration that sent you to Cambodia has to provide an official letter asking for this extension.

Long-term visa

               Business Visa (E)

This visa is made for workers, journalists, interns and students. It allows a 30 days stay in Cambodia. During that period, the visa holder must visit the competent Ministry to apply for a long stay permit. This permit will allow them to stay in the country until the end of the work contract or studies.

For expatriates in Cambodia with an employment contract, you will have to turn to the Ministry of Labour in Phnom Penh. You can also visit the Labour Department of the area you will live in. This permit can be renewed every year and requires an annual medical examination.

For students, you will have to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Phnom Penh) and provide your university admission letter.

               Dual citizenship visa (K* et K**)

This free visa allows multiples entrances in Cambodia and has no specified duration.

Proof of dual citizenship must be provided, in addition to the usual required documents for visa applications. Therefore, a birth certificate (original and copy) as well as a family record (original and copy) will be requested.

A list of specific criteria for this visa acquisition is available on the Cambodian Embassy website.

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