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Working in a foreign country has become a profitable and logical choice for young job-seekers. With high unemployment rate in most European countries, it has become increasingly difficult for new graduates to find their first real job. Even though Europe’s economic crisis has universally affected the job market, Germany has remained an attractive country for new graduates due to their strong economy. Working in Germany, thus, is a true launching point into beginning an international career. With the reasonable cost of living and enjoyable working conditions, Germany is an attractive option for young workers.

1st step: Choose between Private Healthcare Insurance and Public Healthcare Insurance or Krankenversicherung

As an expatriate, you can choose between two health insurance "Krankenversicherung" options in Germany: public and private (private insurance requires coverage under an expatriate insurance program). It is very important to consider under which expatriate insurance program you will enroll as your choice is irreversible during your stay in Germany. These two systems offer different advantages depending on your situation and your specific needs.

Public German Healthcare insurance automatically insures all employees who earn under 60.750€ per year brutto (in 2019). Fifteen percent (about 7% paid by the employer and 8% paid by the employee) of the employee’s gross salary is deducted monthly. Depending on the public health fund in which you are enrolled, your premiums may be more. This is a good option to consider for those travelling with family as it covers non-working spouses and children.

Private German Healthcare insurance is a good option for those who earn more than 60.750€ brutto (in 2019) or are self-employed and entrepreneurs. If you choose private health insurance in Germany, the cost for expatriate coverage varies depending on the conditions of your contract. Private insurance is strongly recommended for young, active and single people. This is especially a good option if you are not planning to stay in Germany long-term. In choosing private insurance, your benefits would be greater than those of public insurance and overall, your costs will be lower if you are a young person - private health insurance premiums are lower than public health insurance. For example, up to 100% of your health actual costs can be reimbursed and you will be insured in your home country and throughout the world when travelling. You will also be better reimbursed for dental and optical fees under your expatriate insurance plan. You can also choose your doctors and must not visit a general practionner before going to visit a specialist.

When deciding between the two social protection systems, study your situation and your needs in order to choose the one that suits you best.

2nd step: Choose the right Dependency Insurance or Pflegeversicherung

In addition to taking out health insurance for Germany, you will also have to take out long-term care insurance or "Pflegeversicherung". This has been mandatory since 1995 to ensure that anyone will be able to support themselves if they become dependent, as is the case for one in two men and three in four women, not at the same ages or during the same periods, but dependance is a problem proven to affect the majority of people who have arrived in old age.

Mondassur advisors can guide you in your choice of the best health insurance in Germany and long-term care insurance so that you meet all the criteria required by the German Social Welfare Act.

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