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Who does not want to go to work in the sun? Enjoy a better quality of life?

Faced with the crisis and unemployment in Europe and to try the human adventure, many young graduates are trying to expatriate in Asia, especially in Thailand. As for the French, there are more than 25,000 to live in Thailand. The French community has not stopped growing over the last 10 years.

The buying power of the young expatriates is significantly higher than in their home country, despite slightly lower wages at equivalent positions in Europe, they save mainly on housing and transport ... Among the positive points of their lives in Thailand, young people have a more active and intense social life than in their country of origin.

Tips to help you prepare for your expatriation in Thailand:

Paperwork : gather the necessary documents for your visa application and for your family and check your passport validity dates. It is recommended to scan your identity papers and send them to your mailboxes. If lost, you can easily get their copies.

Social protection: to learn about the social security of the country to which you must be affiliated.

Health: Compare international health insurance to cover all medical expenses, repatriation ... Make a check up and update your vaccinations !

Housing: Some companies make available staff accommodation, otherwise you can find advice from estate agents.

Driving license: apply for your international permit.

Children: It is essential if you have children to inform about the education of your children.

To settle in Thailand:

Your project is successful, you want to develop your business in Thailand. Whatever the country of expatriation, establishing abroad is not easy. We give you some advice on what to do.

Foreign status

As a foreigner, you can only hold 49% of your company. Unless you get the BOI (Board of Investment) agreement. The shareholders of the company must be predominantly Thai. For an LLC (Limited Company in Thailand), you must be at least three partners including one partner of at least Thai nationality who must be 51% shareholder.

The costs

The creation of a company can come back more expensive in Thailand than in Europe because it is necessary to envisage:

- The capital of 2 million baht (more than 50 000 €) to have a "work permit".

- 30,000 baht (€ 76) for mandatory attorney fees in Thailand to register the name, draft the statutes and register the company with social security and VAT.

- The lawyer will also ask you 15,000 baht (€ 38) for the work permit.


Provide your logo, the name of your company to create the stamp of your company that is essential. The stamp of your company is to affix on absolutely all official documents.


You will then need to establish the address of your business. You can set up your business at home, however, if you are a tenant you will need the written consent of your landlord. If you rent the premises you will have rent and charges. Finally, it is strongly advised to use an accountant because the accounting system is complex in Thailand.

Thai culture:

The cultural richness of the country is reflected in the mixture of traditions, religious customs and monarchy, giving rise to splendid temples and palaces. An expatriation in Thailand offers the opportunity to discover this new culture and to immerse oneself in the way of life of the local population. However, these different cultural facets can lead many expatriates to feel a cultural gap between this country and theirs. Knowing how to overcome this difference is one of the great challenges of expatriation. Learning the basics of the language is already a step towards a good integration.

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