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French authorities estimate the number of French expatriates in Canada at 150,000. Magnificent landscapes, very high quality of life and great opportunities for entrepreneurs are recurring move in factors for expatriates. For Francophones, this is all the easier because French is spoken in this country and many French companies are settled there.

But before you go to Canada, are you well prepared? Here are some facts about life in Canada that will make your installation easier.


The delinquency rate in Canada is low. Nonetheless, the French consulate warns expats against fentanyl consumption, which is more and more common in the west of the country. This painkiller has been diverted to drugs that can prove fatal from 2mg consumed.

Forest fires are very common from June to September in British Columbia and Alberta. They threaten Vancouver Island, the Rockies, the Okanagan and Kamloops. Earthquakes are also common in British Columbia.


To facilitate your housing search, here are some linguistic features to take into account:

- The number of pieces can be announced as "2½". It means that the apartment has 2 rooms and a bathroom, for the latter is counted as half a room. If you find an indication as "1+1" or "2+1", the first number indicates the number of bedrooms. The "+1" announces an office or a small extra room.

- The first floor corresponds to the ground floor.

- "Hydro" means electricity. It is also important to know if current expenses are included in the rent. In particular, heating can quickly become a major expense if the apartment is badly insulated. On the other hand, the price of water is low.

Leases generally begin on July 1st and are signed for one year. No deposit is required, but you will usually have to pay the first and last month's rent in advance. Remember to attach the inventory to the contract and write down the charges included in the rent.

Be careful, if you lead your research from your home country, never send money to the lessor. Indeed, it is recommended to pay directly on the spot while signing the contract, because online scams are common.

A three-room apartment’s rent in the city center varies from € 858 to € 1,789 per month depending on the city. Rents are higher in Vancouver than in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal or Quebec City.

To find your accommodation, turn to the internet (Craglist, Kijiji), or walk around the neighborhood. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see displays directly on the windows of housings for rent.


Since Canada's official languages are English and French, education is bilingual from elementary school. Public schools in Canada are fully funded by the state, but there are also private schools. There is no national educational program, it depends on the provinces.

The Canadian education system consists of 3 levels:

- elementary school: from kindergarten to grade 6 or 8 following the provinces (children between 5 and 11 to 13 years old).

- secondary level: from the 7th to the 13th year of school (children between 12 and 18 years old). At the end of this cycle, students receive a diploma from their school.

- post-secondary level, which corresponds to the university level.


Vie pratique au Canada
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